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  1. Hello I would like to join Our Team name is going to be Focus Nation and our Gamertags will be H4 Zarhaz and Civiction
  2. Tell me weather you think Halo 5 will satisfy the whole community or will it disappoint everyone.
  3. I completely understand which is why I would be willing to talk it over on XBL.
  4. first of all I did not delete it. It was deleted by someone from beyond and how can you call me a scammer when you have know idea what my league is about. Stop contradicting and start understanding if you have any concerns I would be more than glad to explain it to you or anyone who is looking at this post on XBL and stop acting like your trying to do something good because I just looked at your reputation and it looks like you've been an annoyances to people in the past.
  5. can you please stop being ANNOYING if you have anything against my league than just say it but stop replying to my topics and being unproductive to the halo community.
  6. FGL is a new competive Halo league that is planning on doing several online tourneys soon we need two founders so if any of you are interested please message me on XBL: H4 Zarhaz
  7. I am hosting a halo 4 online ffa tournament in a few days the prize for 1st place is 800 to 1600 msp depending on how many people join the entry fee is only 400 msp any questions on how to join just message me on xbl on ZZarhaz good luck to everyone that joins

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