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  1. We are 11 years beyond that. There is enough bandwidth to comfortably stream this event...
  2. The quality shouldn't even be part of the discussion at the biggest halo tournament ever. It looks terrible there's no arguing that.
  3. The Halo stream. The overlays are really shaky and the bit rate seems super low. The esl stream quality is better, but is definitely not 1080p
  4. Really disappointed esl is running and ruining this tournament. Should have had mlg do this one. Biggest halo tournament ever and its almost unwatchable on the main channel
  5. Yeah its awful, the stream quality in general is terrible. Should have had mlg do the tournament. I'm not sure if i can watch it this way all weekend
  6. Is it just me or is the quality of the stream on the main channel absolutely awful??
  7. Yeah maybe lazy wasn't 100% the right word. If he does a voice over explaining gameplay or just even a 30 second intro as to what the clip is and about, I think it shows a lot more effort
  8. Ripping content from stream and making youtube content isn't really content. If people want your gameplays and streaming they will watch your stream. Honestly lazy attempts at youtube are worse than no content. Just play and record the film and give a little intro or tell a story about something.
  9. For all the people saying that youtube content will not grow the fanbase, I strongly strongly disagree. Two weeks ago the Halo channel while streaming the optic match had around 5-6k viewers, after optic lost the viewers were cut in half. Why were those viewers there? Because they love watching maniac go to chipotle and play pranks on his roommates. They like flamesword showing them how to work out. They are there because of the personalities not the gameplay. I was baffled at the amount of people in the chat saying "I've never seen halo before" The game really has very little to do with the viewership, it really has to do you (the viewer) having some kind of investment into watching. We (forum goers) are all watching because of gameplay and high level strats, that is our investment into watching. The optic fans are there because they "know" maniac and flame. I watch a ton of halo all the time and I really only "know" maybe 4 pros. While youtube may not be the only way to the top of the ladder for Halo, it is certainly a crucial rung. Halo can absolutely benefit from some personalities.
  10. I hope everyone watches Hector's video. Super smart guy when it comes to this stuff. Hopefully the long play with the Optic Halo will work and grown the scene. Kind of ironic that is going to be a COD guy that saves Halo, but Hector and Optic definitely have the power to bring Halo back to the top. Hate on flame and maniac all you want, but those two are going to bring in the viewers so halo can continue to grow.
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