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  1. What a colossal disappointment. No gameplay (on really anything) but Halo wasted half the trailer on some random dude. No actual information at all.
  2. Reset my password and logged in for the first time in forever to say that this might be it for me. If 343 still hasn't learned...I won't buy the product. I've already moved into PC gaming in 2016 and fell in love with Counter Strike- a game whose devs stayed true to its core (for the most part). They need to toss radar, sprint, and ads or the same thing will happen that happened to H4 and H5. I'm excited for this reveal because surely this will be classic halo at least with arena competitive right? 15 hours or so and we find out
  3. I'm done playing this game after today. I still will watch HCS, but damn if sprint/radar hasn't ruined a solo que experience. It's not even about shooting precision weapons anymore.
  4. Look I think Spartan was the best player on Renegades. Was that guy wrong? For sure (at least for me) but there are a lot of opinions out there. You want people to report Halo on ESPN then you can rest assured that in the beginning we aren't getting Bob Ley. Bottom line for me is that articles like this happen all the time, especially in sports. One guy thinks this team is better or that player is overpriced and that's all it takes. I think part of the reason this is a little out of proportion is the newness and small amount of content from ESPN previously. I think that the players should just take the free motivation and let it be. It's the best and only way to prove people wrong or change opinions.
  5. Don't look now but Liquid has taken 3 games out of 10 so far
  6. If you had to list optic's problems in terms of only players Maniac shouldn't even be in the discussion.
  7. At this point some remakes of classic maps would be nice to see just to add variety without the maps 343 puts out. It would be nice to see some new original forge stuff too. I shudder to think of the pro league having fathom, torque, overgrowth, and whatever that disaster of a map they just put out in the rotation.
  8. Aside from all the settings issues, I really am annoyed that the skins don't pick up in game. What's the point of BR and DMR skins for an arena only player if the only ones I can use are the pistol and ar? I like the fact that you can pick up other's skins; but you should also pick up the skins you have set for any weapons on the map.
  9. I just can't see this Optic team in its' current form doing much. As a side note, thinking of all the potential pickups/teams makes me wish they had fantasy halo like they have for lol, dota, and csgo. My team would be so dank.
  10. Def not naded...look at these posts. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/716424-halo-5-guardians/73336187
  11. I don't understand how you don't even have a timetable for the Pro League that you can put up on the screen for the 95k people watching who might not tune in otherwise.
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