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  1. Idk if this has been shared before, but theres a guy on twitter working on a low poly Halo game/project made in Unity. Hes been at it for a while now and has a bunch of gifs of it on his twitter you can check out on his timeline. He recently got hired by Mojang (makers of minecraft) so I thought he might drop it, but hes still working on it. Its awesome, and adorable, and I want it! This is his latest post and a few other cool ones. Like I said he has a bunch of other posts of his progress if anyone wants to check them out.
  2. Huke and Shottzy together. That should be a fun time. Crimsix is also supposed to be on the roster.
  3. Yeah but from what I gathered from his eavesdrop ep. with Hecz he owns the brand now.
  4. Looks like people already forgot about Sab being a creep. Also I don’t see maniac tweeting about this squad. So I wonder if he has any idea about them using the BTH name.
  5. No need to hope. Dreamhack ATL has already been confirmed.
  6. When I saw gab on lux w/o fantasy i just assumed fantasy just didnt go to this event. I only just realized hes playing on another team. Its weird not seeing them together.
  7. This does possibly pose a unique opportunity for Halo Infinite depending on what his plans are in terms of running events.
  8. No I think youre right. The first events we had for H3 had a good showing and with proper planning worlds could have been huge. Now im not so sure. It might still be possible, but they will need to come up with a good consistent road-map leading into it. In other news apparently the Halo Wars team is the team working on porting MCC to PC. Waypoint
  9. They really should have had another Worlds with H3 and more LAN events with lower price pools and less online qualifiers. I mean they still could honestly. We are still really far away from Infinite.
  10. I hope they do as well, but I doubt it. Ola barely likes the game and I haven’t seen Roybox playing in a while. What other events are even in the works for H3 right now other than the London one?
  11. Congrats to penguin and trippey. They really showed up seemed completely unstoppable. Rough last game for snip3down as well 2-12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with numbers like those.
  12. Roybox out. Shame. Unfortunate to draw GMS so soon. Wish it was double elim.
  13. A few journos also got to play a demo of it too at E3 and said that if the full game matches what was shown in the demo that its going to be GOTY contender. So hopefully it lives up to expectations. I personally wasnt all the excited for it, but like most of the internet im a huge fan of Keanu Reeves so they got me lol.
  14. Damn it man I thought we were going to get to see some gameplay. This trailer was about as useful as last years.
  15. Agree but I don’t think anyone was being disrespectful until lethuls troll tweet and his GF calling Ola shady. Snip3down really didn’t even say anything until lethuls GF started calling Ola shady. He said they lost their momentum and got rolled and GGs and then mentioned how he got blood shots. The excuse about how they only say it because they lost completely falls flat too if she looked and saw that Gabriel also agreed it was bad except for Austin, and his team if I’m not mistaken got around the same placing all 3 events. It loses even more steam considering that Rec didn’t even get knocked out by Tox. It’s like they think every tweet by Snip3down and his teammates revolve around them. Why not go after Gab?
  16. Also are they just looking to win this one tourney? Bcs I doubt Frosty will be sticking around very long.
  17. Slow down guys at this rate im going to have to change pages.
  18. I think this is pretty good. The guy is a good actor, love him as Mad Sweeney in American Gods, and he also fits the build of Chief. The guy is an absolute unit at 6'5".
  19. Honestly thats just hitbox porn and i think its fine. Its weird that it disappears for a bit but it still ends up connecting.

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