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  1. Ok so im not arguing about how difficult the H3 snipe is or isnt, but for a gun thats supposed to be hard to use apparently everyone playing are gods with it. I constantly get bodied, no scoped, and quickscoped. Also getting spawn trapped in this game is ROOUUUGHHHH.
  2. I understand why people hate nade markers. I hate them too. However ill never understand people disliking hit markers I have always liked them. I understand shield flares and burst are supposed to convey the same information, but there is something satisfying to me about hit markers.
  3. I mean I get that, but people made it sound like they had a horrible tournament. It just turns out that Denial is actually pretty good.
  4. So im just catching up on the stream and with the posts. Why is it that a good amount of people on here were shit talking the Rec guys for losing to Denial, but not saying anything now that theyre dominating the series vs Tox? People saying that the Rec guys werent clicking at all, but before that series they were 9-1 in map count for the day against top teams... like what do you want from them? Lol Maybe just maybe Denial are actually good. :O
  5. Roy v Neighbor 1v1s are too funny. They shit talk each other so much and you can just tell it gets under their skin lol.
  6. But but but...... it does have sprint... and jetpacks... it also has cartoonish graphics and is massively popular Sprint, Reach jetpacks, more colorful cartoonish graphics, and a BR mode for infinite confirmed.
  7. What about room for trash cans? I do ok on occasions I suppose. You love to see it.
  8. Neighbor with the finger wag on bubu dubu https://clips.twitch.tv/NurturingBloodyVanillaYouDontSay
  9. Same. Optic and Scump got so much shit and they really were one of the worst teams in WW2, but seeing them come out and be so dominant this tournament was pretty cool.

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