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  1. You're right. The shows going to be shit. Honestly all I hope for is that they keep the same Alien movie horror-esque feel of Forward Unto Dawn. The scene where theyre in the armory and the Elite is lurking around in his camo is top notch. I also hope they go for more practical effects/costumes for the covenant bcs the CGI in FUD has not held up too well.
  2. He probably didnt write the script for the Robin Hood film and he also has a BAFTA for Peaky Blinders and has done much more than just what you found. So lets not just jump to conclusions.
  3. So apparently theyre making changes to the gametypes? Rec was scrimming Lux today and they played Oddball and KotH w/ the score set to 200.
  4. I agree. Its far more annoying to see people just immediately resort to calling someone a troll or shit talking them. If you decide to make an input on someones POV then expect them to respond thats what a conversation is.
  5. Dang that sucks I thought he did well this past event. Yeah I agree im also tired of the narrative that every esport has to go to PC. I personally really like console esports and I like that Halo and COD have stayed there this whole time. Im all for having two scenes like Siege used to have, but wholeheartedly against it moving solely to PC or having it be the main focus. It would also definitely alienate me as a fan. We have heard pros like Snakebite say that they dont play on PC bcs they just arent good with a M&KB and one of the biggest reasons I watch Halo is for the personalities. I know some would be more than capable of moving to PC like Royal2 and Lethul, but still.
  6. Someone over at r/Halo has been working on a menu concept for Infinite and I think it looks pretty nice. ^ Thats pretty cool that reddit posts embed.
  7. Tbf the pistol itself is pretty iconic with HCE. I think its one of the reasons I would like them to go with it for Infinite it just reminds me of CE. Yeah I meant the H5 pistol. I know most wont agree whether it be due to TTK, range, or how it effects the weapon sandbox, but I find the H5 pistol 5-shots to kill to be perfect just like the BR and its 4-shots to kill.
  8. Im curious... What would you guys like to see return in Infinite for the primary? Pistol or BR? Im sure I know the answer, but I figure I would ask anyway. The BR is iconic and 4-ing someone feels good, but theres something about the pistol in H5 that feels real good to me especially when you 5 someone. Also this isnt meant to be a deep dive into bullet spread, projectile vs hitscan, or any of that. Simply a 4-shot BR or 5-shot pistol question.
  9. Dude I was going to say the same thing. I dare not go on youtube bcs im also probably in those montages. If it helps you feel better the connection in this game just isnt good for some. I have gigabit and I also have issues. I cant juggle the flag for 90% of the games I play bcs the latency forces me to have to press the button multiple times or else it wont register the pick up.
  10. I was so confused at this bcs the quote for some reason is directed at me even though its not my comment lol.
  11. Ok so im not arguing about how difficult the H3 snipe is or isnt, but for a gun thats supposed to be hard to use apparently everyone playing are gods with it. I constantly get bodied, no scoped, and quickscoped. Also getting spawn trapped in this game is ROOUUUGHHHH.
  12. I understand why people hate nade markers. I hate them too. However ill never understand people disliking hit markers I have always liked them. I understand shield flares and burst are supposed to convey the same information, but there is something satisfying to me about hit markers.
  13. I mean I get that, but people made it sound like they had a horrible tournament. It just turns out that Denial is actually pretty good.

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