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  1. Ive actually wanted to bring this up, but I didnt know if it would be allowed or if it was too sensitive of a subject. The last I saw was that demon d was taking all that stuff to court. Did anything ever come out of that?
  2. Its wild to me that no one wanted to pick him up in COD. The r/codcomp subreddit was even saying it was expected bcs he was average anyways. I honestly had no idea people thought that. I genuinely though he was a top player. It also looks like things didnt end well with Mutineers.
  3. As far as I understand it there is no heavy aim on PC and the aiming work as you would expect it to. I get why they would want to play on it, but same as you the PC version for me is a buggy mess that almost always crashes on me. It makes sense as to why they chose to run the tournaments on console. Idk how they expect them to get anything going on PC. People refuse to see that there is no one to work on that game.
  4. All I have to say on this is that I don't completely agree with him, but I definitely don't think H5 is bad in fact I think its a decent Halo game that I enjoy. It just has a lot of flaws.
  5. Shotzzy is now a COD Champ in his first year of COD. Absolutely unreal from the guy.
  6. Cool. It seems like Roy just can’t stay away from competing.
  7. I swear sentinels was getting clipped constantly both these series. Triple kills galore and that over. Insane
  8. How many KoTH final hill chokes is that from sentinels this tourney? 3 right?
  9. Couldn’t they have gotten gsync/freesync capable equipment?
  10. I agree? Thats exactly why I posted that. Im sure REC could have kept him on as a content creator if they could come to an agreement since he does have a decent following on Twitch. I doubt thats what he wants though and hes pointed out before that he would prefer to focus completely on Apex. They already have an established Apex team, they dont need or want a Halo team right now (Im sure Snip3down probably isnt interested in Halo either at the moment). So it make sense for all parties plus he already posted on twitter that hes looking for another org for the upcoming Apex Season for him and his squad.
  11. If I were to take a guess hes probably making a move to an org that will pick him up as a pro in Apex.
  12. Yeah I think Lethul reaching 50 with M&K proves the point that Summit was just out of his depth in the ranks he was playing.
  13. This looks interesting. Has anyone tried it yet? https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mythic-arena
  14. https://smash.gg/tournament/halo-at-dreamhack-atlanta-2019/events/halo-3-4v4/brackets/700340/1136566
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