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  1. I see @@MultiLockOn has started the hype train early. I'm just going to jump in with my three cents. If you like: More classic feeling arena gameplay Competing without bullshit Fun and dynamic encounters worth watching, playing, and montaging Interesting and good level design Charming world building Challenging content Vanity - looking and feeling like a badass Transparent developers (albeit sometimes unwisely so) Then you will love [REDACTED] In my humble opinion, I don't think there will be a reason to play another FPS that overlaps with any of that.
  2. Helljumper is the only way to play the game
  3. Halo 5 is the easiest Halo game. The only reason it might be "too competitive" to some is because the starting weapon is the hardest weapon to use in a sandbox that otherwise aims for you, and you need 20 fingers to move around the maps effectively. It's like Basketball where the hoop is lowered and you can travel, but the floor is frozen over and you're wearing flip flops.
  4. I'll just jump on the tail end of this discussion with my 2 cents. It is awkward being reminded that forums, no matter how small, are public platforms, and the rants that were posted while sitting in lobbies with friends are now subject to scrutiny with fine toothed combs. I regret many of the comments I have made, and this serves as a greater lesson to those who take it as such. Fortunately, it also is a great reminder that video games are just games until you make it more than that. Halo in particular is a series many of us grew up with, and are thus impassioned deeply about. That doesn't justify every expression about it - or anything else - but it highlights the fact that a wider lens and broader perspective will help to filter those colorful rays. This is a rather somber moment - for both Halo and the community. For me, it has been another reason to rethink my priorities - chiefly (no pun intended) removing the microscope from my view of this world. But for those whose true passion remains there, I hope that what they want to become is worth leaving behind who they currently are. Anyway, that's all I will say publicly.
  5. They would make SMG starts and a ViDoc to pass it off as their own idea, until there was backlash and then they'd blame fans for asking for it.
  6. Halo 5 BR has Halo 3 BR spread? There's your Halo 3 Anniversary muffuggas
  7. Crosstoast How to fix Halo and appeal to both new fans and old fans without breaking the game: 1. 4 shot kill projectile pistol starting weapon. This is the best starting weapon for 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8. It lets you as an individual contest multiple players but prevents it from being overpowered when you increase the player count. It also lets you have both open maps and close quarters maps. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only starting weapon that will ever work for Halo. 2. No strafe acceleration. In games like Doom and Overwatch, you can move left and right instantly. In games like Halo and Destiny, it takes some time for you to hit your top movement speed when suddenly changing directions. Removing this will emphasize the "dance" of strafing. Changing this lets the Pistol be powerful again. 3. No "Spartan Abilities", but keep movement mechanics. Changing strafe lets us have strafe jumping, which would allow the player to gain momentum by jumping in any direction. This replaces both Sprint and Thrust by giving players a movement increasing ability that doesn't require you to put your fucking gun down. Ground Pound would also then be repurposed into a "Fast Fall" mechanic that lets you drop out of the air right where you are. I guess it could kill a player if you land directly above them, but its primary use would be movement. Combining Strafe Jumping and Fast Falling will lead to skillbased movement without giving you a win button. Speaking of buttons, this just freed two of them up on the controller. Imagine that! Slide becomes an extension of strafe jumping; simply crouch while strafe jumping forward to slide into cover or towards an enemy with your gun up. And since it actually improves level design, we should add a Double Jump. It replaces clamber and auto stabilize, killing two birds with one stone and yet again freeing up inputs on the controller. It also serves as a way to cancel your forward momentum; you either keep holding forward to double jump forward, or tilt the stick in any other direction to cancel your momentum and jump straight upwards. I think it could be a good addition to Halo by letting maps be more vertical and platformy without requiring lifts, jump ups or clamber. SImply changing how strafe works leads to a more skillful, more intuitive and more aggressive Halo game where your gun is always up for you to shoot. 4. Every vehicle should have both a shield and non recharging heatlh. The shield can simply be tied to the player. In Halo 3, if your team pulled out their ARs to wittle down the Banshee shields, they could easily kill the player out of the vehicle with sustained fire while barely damaging the Banshee. However, I think it's been tied more to vehicle health ever since then, so you just get shot to shit in a vehicle and go hide until it blows up. Making this more consistent will let vehicles be viable and balanced again. With these changes, Halo is fast, it's skillful, it's tactical, it's easy to pick up and understand but hard to master, and there's nothing else like it on the market. And best of all, this game will be 10x more fun to Forge maps for.
  8. I think the shield mechanic is too easy to use. 343 should require a credit card subscription to subsidize the cost of maintaining energy shielding technology. It has to be really expensive and Spartans just use it whenever they please. You should be charged 5$ whenever you want to gain your shield back. I think this will increase the tactical gameplay by forcing players to think smarter about engagements and decide whether they want to fight and potentailly die, or save their energy for when they really need it.
  9. did they actually "fix" this or is the aiming still bad?
  10. @@Moa @@Devaneaux @@Igs cubanex Clamber is fucking stupid, get over it
  11. remember when people used to jump off of cones? clamber jumps don't impress me at all.
  12. In other news, Burger King just announced that they're bringing burgers back to their menu.
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