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  1. Just imagine if I didn't suicide in the finals of a tournament ... Breakout might still be in honestly lol
  2. I remember when I went to a Halo 4 tournament in a murder dungeon and thought that it couldn't get any worse. A million dollars later, I was sure as hell wrong
  3. Hey @@Mikwen where's my chance? Put me in, I'm ready to play
  4. Yeah, the Denial owner is obviously full of shit, dude is pure scum. Consistently pays players late, shit like that. Also, there was that one incident where he was DMing an e-girl asking to show her his "man meat." This wouldn't be that big of a deal, but then you quickly remember the fact that he's married lolololol. Bottom line, I feel bad that people have to go through organizations like Denial and Noble... there seems to be problems that are caused by them and people still go back because they need the support of a team.
  5. MLG has always done it best. @ is the hardest person working, always has been. Love seeing his passion in the form of successful tournaments for everyone else to enjoy as well.
  7. Ninja's curse has always been that he's insanely skilled. Gets too headstrung about carrying every single game when he doesn't realize his teammates are as good as he is. If he had someone that could truly control him and tell him to stop with the dumb stuff in game, he would be a much higher tiered pro imo. There's a huge difference between telling someone to stop doing something after the game and telling them to stop doing something when they are in the game at that moment. That's one of the reasons why the top teams are at the top; their in game adjustments are insane
  8. Thoughts from Halo today: 1. Lifestyle 2. Excited to see what nV can do when they are practiced and molded in the way that they need to be. Think the change of scenery will be a good thing for 2gre. Arkanum is an interesting pickup, but I think he'll be a great fit when all 4 of them are on the same page. The 2gre cover fire should help those 3 psychos slay. 3. Lol Austinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn thank god you didn't goose 4. Breakout sucks, it is one of the worst things to watch as a spectator -- it's even worse as a player. No way there should be a gametype where you can throw a grenade to start the game and potentially get a kill. People are playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let's not make this a lottery, but as skilled as it can be. Avoiding the elements of randomness when you can is optimal for competitive play. 5. CLG is going to be a dominant force for the rest of the season. I completely understand the move that Lethul did, and I understand what CLG did in dropping 2gre. It's not a bad thing to say that 2gre isn't as skilled of a player as Lethul is these days; TJ has been underrated for the longest amount of time. The thing with TJ that doesn't meet the naked eye because of his persona he shows to the Halo community is that he takes a lot of these things to heart, and he loves proving people wrong. Never have I seen someone work so hard on their craft to become the best they can be. His trolling is a direct showing of his wanting to beat people / embarrass people, but he will always respect an opponent. Props to him for having the balls to leave a tenured god squad. 6. Royal 2 has the same face as Klay Thompson and it still bothers me. Yes, I've brought this point up before.
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