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  1. Too many autos, take them all out. The map layout and size force a lot of CQC AR should be enough. Don't play TS on it often so I can't remember layout but having SAW inside in an advantageous position is not my preference, prefer to see this outside. Not sure if shotty has a place on this map as it makes the player play more conservative. Tough map to put weapons/powerups in, at least for TS. I don't think Empire TS has a place in HCS, due to the snowbally nature of the gametype and the fact that radar makes you second guess what weapons to put on the map. It kinda works for SH due to always having to move, making it a chaotic gametype, but TS would be the complete opposite aside from the every two min rush for power weapons/ups. Sorry for grammar, gotta head to work soon!
  2. I think a small fee per time would be nice. 1. To make sure everyone is serious about it (weeds out a little the no shows IMO) and 2, compensate you/others that put their time into it.
  3. I just want to watch some halo stuff man, I love the game, I love the pros, I love the community.
  4. That's the whole point though, we (the fans) want to get to know them better as human beings. I (along others) would appreciate content from the pros, and I think they are just hurting themselves by not taking the opportunity they have in front of them to make content. Like I said earlier, if your only job is to play halo, you should try to keep it that way! Fuck it, review some gameplay on stream and cut that into the youtube. Stream a gameplay and use that as the background while you vlog, I'll start my youtube channel back up as the shitty halo player I am to get some of these cogs in motion.
  5. You can't use a montage as a frame of reference as this is totally different than the content they would be making. Daily vlogs, gameplay reviews, an update on how the team is doing, with this weeks leagues matches, how are we preparing for next weeks, or next tournament etc. As I said above, if halo is your only job, you can wake up in the morning and dedicate an hour or two to this. Go look at gandhi's channel, the dude legit just hit record on OBS talked, and hit stop recording and uploaded. I use to upload youtube videos, but working 50+ hours is shitty lol.
  6. I can excuse the ones with full time jobs with not making content, but I feel like if you're a pro and your job is only halo you're shooting yourself in the foot by not making content. I'm hella jealous of all the pros that can make some kind of living with prize money + streaming. Add youtube to that, (two hours probably out of your day at first) you can probably set yourself up for the future. Lord knows I can't wait to retire.
  7. "If I asked people what they wanted, they wouldve answered me a faster horse"- H. Ford
  8. Not a team, but r/starcraft sponsored MKP to go to an MLG back in 2011, can't remember which one.
  9. So we need 1 latino or 3 latinos? and do we need to be living in latin america? Or can we live here and just play in the latin america cup?
  10. What if I live here in the US, but I'm a citizen in the latin america region?
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