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  1. i'm so glad i got to watch and play halo during the h1-h3 days when kids were actually passionate about the game and would do anything to compete and show the world they were the best... sad to see where it's at now.
  2. As someone who rarely posts and casually follows modern-day competitive Halo but has been around the scene since 2004 (I'm 32), it really saddens me to see the way tournaments are structured these days. We really had something special with those open MLG tournies from 2004-2011 didn't we boys? Can't believe it's been 5 years...
  3. i still find it hilarious that kids (who don't know any better since they don't have the experience) think that ogre 2's hands or dexterity are somehow getting slower now that he's 29. listen, kids... i'm 31 and i'm WAY faster than i was at 21. maybe gaming skill deteriorates somewhere in your 50's or 60's, but not at freakin' 30. on a keyboard, i'm typing 180 wpm on a good day compared to hitting 130ish around 10 years ago. my reflexes and aim are at the very top of where they've ever been. the only thing that has changed is my desire and i'm willing to bet the same applies to ogre 2. literally has nothing to do with physical deterioration. so ridiculous...
  4. Think you missed the point brah. Not eating for a long time and trying to play at a high level is a VERY bad idea - it's super easy to get flustered/impatient/unfocused when you're really hungry. Roy was calling him out for not being better prepared and wasting the entire team's time by not bringing the best Snipedown possible to the scrim. Roy is 100% right.
  5. I also thought it was the real Karma that was streaming. Why in the world would this guy name himself Karma when a legend like Ben Jackson assumed that name many years ago? He even had a giant billboard hovering over the events! Might as well have named himself OGRE2.
  6. @@Cursed Lemon I just want you to know that I've been a part of this scene for 13 years, now, and you are probably one of my favorite people to read/listen to. Every point I have ever tried to get across regarding the competitive aspect of Halo since Halo 3 has been much more elegantly stated by you. I've never agreed with someone about Halo more than I agree with you. What I'm trying to say is, I think I may have caught some feelings.
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