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  1. 343 always shows off their field recording vidocs thinking they are hot shit and then the audio always falls short lmao. Their foley department needs major improvement, unless they just haven't implemented all their sound effects.
  2. I'm a 6700k bro too, it never goes above 50% usage, which is no cause for concern. The constant hitching and rollercoaster frametimes are ridiculous though.
  3. Idk about performance. Regardless of what settings are chosen, GPU util is at around 100% without significant changes in FPS. Despite sitting around 60 fps, frametime looks like a seismograph and the game has noticeable sluggishness.
  4. Wait.... did you just say SAND??? Oh boy, let me sing you the song of my people - boyo probably
  5. With 343's constant blunders feeding our vampiric appetite towards them, news like this (as funny as they are) are still a negative thing to Halo in general. To bring some positivity, here's some absolute bangers by @Cursed Lemon himself. These slap so hard, and I'm not sure if many of you know about these.
  6. A low pass of a massive ship, forerunner key ship landing, rift forming earthquake that sucks in the sand...
  7. Despite the ~100fps, it still looks so horrendously choppy lol. Wonder what the frametime graph looks like
  8. Absolutely disgusting. Even more comical is despite 343's usual antics of visual noise and 'future' assets, this looks like its straight out of dragonball or something
  9. The weapon projectiles never made sense from an in game point of view. AR is 7.62x51 BR is 9.5x40 DMR is 7.62x51, the same one as in the AR, the SAW, the tri barrel turret, the wasp, and some more... With this in mind, makes absolutely no sense how DMR is a 5 shot and BR is 11/12 shot. Bungo should have come up with some alternate rounds when introducing new rifles like the DMR.
  10. Sprint is understandable, but holy hell, clamber looks so clumsy and overbearing with near every vertical object activating it. Give me my 360 degree unlimited traversal....
  11. Kilffeed has been looking wack since the game was shown this E3. Whose idea was it to have the global killfeed on the lower left half of the UI and then add a personal killfeed and xp/point counter to the left of the reticule?!?! Absolute ******ation having two killfeeds on the same screen sector....
  12. To think this was supposed to release last year lmao. Over 6 years in prod and have still barely shown anything
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