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  1. I wonder how many people know the meme that this is mimicking
  2. After a very long hiatus, I ultimately return with a nitpick. There is much I can say about the Jul 23 reveal in general but at this point there's not much others haven't brought up. Most of my disappointment had to do with the technical prowess (or lack of) of the showing - what an embarrassment. Anyways, back to the petty nitpick. I could ignore this before but now it's more noticeable than ever. Why does the warthog have audible gear shifts when its equipped with a CVT? Sure you can hear these shifts in H5 too but now it just sounds like a tuned 4 banger with a snappy transmission. So much for attention to detail from the 'lore' masters themselves.
  3. "Ahh, der creature has dem... goodly, goodly. Now us can stick der chompy bird... But da chompy not coming without da fatsy toadies... Godda get der fatsy toadies to get da chompys. Den we put it over de're and sneaky, sneaky stick da chompy." reps if anyone gets the reference without google search
  4. Yeah, so good that the game forewent Anisotropic Filtering higher than x4, when x16 typically presents less than a 1% performance reduction. So good, where most textures look worse than those in H3, and yet are terribly compressed resulting in a 100GB game size for no reason. So great, that the UI is the worst out of pretty much any AAA game out there, and one that experiences common hitches; even the REQ stations froze the game for a second before an update that came a year and a half into the games life cycle. https://youtu.be/-gQMulb6T2o?t=5m19s
  5. So much this. What makes it worse is that some apps, like H5 and Gears 4 are encrypted up the ass. This would be fine if the Store uninstalled them correctly, but as you mentioned it sometimes leaves the folders there. With the encryption, your storage is taken hostage. No matter what security privileges you elevate, those folders won't let you delete them. I was faced with this issue when my Forza Horizon 3 installation suddenly stopped working. It used to be perfectly fine but one days quit launching at all even though Windows reported the app as installed. I checked the install location and it was there, taking up 60GB of space. I opened up Windows Store and on the Forza page, it let me click to install. Lo and behold, this dumpster fire of a program starts downloading the whole game again, even though it exists on the drive already. Obviously I needed to get rid of the old installation but its encryption and security prevented me from doing so. I still don't remember what I did but I managed to delete it somehow. The update process is just as garbage. For some reason, some apps (Gears 4 is an example) have a strange update process. At the time Gears 4 was 90GB, an update was released which was several GB's in size. For whatever reason, Windows makes a copy of the 90GB installation, downloads the update for it, and then deletes the original install. As a result, you would need at least 90GB of free space on your installation disk to be able to update. As far as I know, this has something to do with encryption/validation. Steam is so much better in this regard; you can delete half of a program and it would only download what is missing.
  6. Nah fam, this will only eliminate your input lag and make your monitor have a 0.5ms response time. To fix the real lag, you need one of these. All my Ethernet devices are connected with these bad boys.
  7. It had few decent tracks imo, mostly the ones done by Kazuma. The pieces by Davidge didn't sound anything like Halo as you said. Very lack luster, especially when the game had no big epic moments other than maybe the last level.
  8. Perfect, but you have to make it fair. The first ultimate should be unlocked at SR152, and the next ones later on. Alternatively, you can purchase the abilities for $10 each
  9. Halo 5 : Toe Stubbing Simulator These things are even present in the campaign lol.
  10. Yeah, I did extensive testing at 200+, 120, 60, 30, 20, 10 FPS, and under. I posted my results some time last year. However, the biggest takeaway is that as long as the game stays above 19 FPS (20 and over) and nothing but 19 FPS, there are no physics problems and it remains playable. I didn't notice any time slowing from the reduced FPS so it seems fine. Only problem from super high or super low FPS not regarding vehicles is the speed of the forge monitor changes.
  11. Reminds me of the time I did super low fps testing in H5. https://streamable.com/s/wn11u/vxjjgn
  12. Except everything that was offered is also likely half cooked.
  13. Only GPU's. Miners have been buying GTX 1060/1070 in bulk, as well as the older Radeon cards like RX580. As a result, the original roughly $400 USD price of the GTX 1070 rose to around $500. At that point, it would be better to spend a little more and get a GTX 1080. Miners didn't go for 1080 or 1080Ti as they utilize GDDR5X memory which is worse for certain currencies due to their associated algorithms. As a result, those cards are less performance for the money.
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