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  1. Its basically the opposite of this forum, where everyone just hates on the game constantly for everything, as if there's absolutely nothing good about it. At least on reddit you get a bit of both. Check the accuracy stats for most pro's and you'll see that every season they're within 1-3% accuracy of the previous one since August or longer. http://halo5arena.com/player/nV-TheSnip3down http://halo5arena.com/player/iTz-So-Frosty http://halo5arena.com/player/LethuL/season1605 I'm not saying heavy aiming isn't a thing, just that its not creating hugely inconsistent stats. These guys play hundreds of games each season, and their accuracy stays within 1%.
  2. Ahh, I wonder if the Blaze of Glory is in Forge, I've messed around with it a bit, but don't remember all of the REQ weps. Maybe it'd feel more like the HaloCE shorty then, and not quite as OP as Blaze is currently with its redic range.
  3. So I didn't get to play with those "old school" settimgs, but I'm curious how the shotgun feels with the increased HP? Also kind of disappointed when I saw that most gametypes only had 30 downloads and Slayer had 50, I was under the impression that these settings were hugely popular. Not sure if 343i would make a playlist to support this with numbers like that.
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