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  1. ITIAX


  2. anyone having an issue signing up for the 1v1 tourny?
  3. yeah none are champion.... they all kinda blow
  4. yeah is this honestly a troll post? neither of you guys have ever finished a season champion in team arena and most of the time its low onyx......
  5. what are the highest ranks you and your boys have finished in arena?
  6. Finished champion and high onyx in every season of team arena all while being mad positive I have lan experince Im not a toxic player I will get the most kills ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To3 or other hit me up Leave this info if you're interested Highest team arena rating at the end of a season current team arena rating lan experience gamertag = ITIAX ( itiax )
  7. wanna run games we got 3? i placed champ last season in team arena
  8. not even gonna look now man
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