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  1. actually from what i read on his tweets...the guy has fiber optics...so lower ping than most. It just has "micro disconnects" constantly which his Internet provider cant resolve.
  2. there are better monitors with 1 ms...but 5ms isnt bad at all. the game only runs at 60 frames per second which is a frame every 16.67ms...so pretty much anything under 16 ms should technically feel perfect. so you are fine with the 5ms monitor if thats what you have.
  3. are these possible teams? winter fox cratos, lifestyle, ryanoob, shooter elevate str8sick, nem, prototype, swift kill ???????? http://halotracker.com/h5/games/ryanoob%20nerds/083852b8-69dc-43fd-b667-a97e513fd7d6?page=0
  4. A lot of 1sts on that page. i remember that 2005 Philadelphia event vividly that they got 2nd....all team slayer event...it was BS. it was also boring to watch...str8 camping should have been there team name for the event.
  5. i def think its penguin. if you look at recent games for pistola or mikwen u can see they are playing customs with penguin last night before they got off. http://halotracker.com/h5/games/mikwenvy/52050917-f47c-4b9e-89ea-14aa186e6aeb?page=0&mode=custom http://halotracker.com/h5/games/mikwenvy/bfda48cc-ed70-4cca-8c51-52f15ccb852e?page=0&mode=custom http://halotracker.com/h5/games/mikwenvy/7f531e6f-b106-422a-b7a8-2c76358155b1?page=0&mode=custom also maybe thse guys are thinking about teaming? Tire ironic, aries, arkanum, randa since they played a bunch of customs last night against mikwen, rayne, pistola, and Orderedblock (penguin).
  6. hysteria looked really good at worlds even though they lost to epsilon. Im sure him and cloud are a possible duo looking for 2. maybe they will rejoin spartan. that old leftover team crushed old clg team in a scrim if i recall... my memory is a little foggy though
  7. rosters unlocked finally after months. who makes the first move?
  8. I dont think naded will quit. the guy is amazing at h5 and you can see how passionate he is about halo 5 every time he plays it. I dont think allegiance will break up. they have been pretty consistent and have never really been blown out in tournament play yet besides losing 0-3 to liquid in group play, which they made up for by beating a hot rng team and a hot elevate team. I think they stick together for season 2. just my opinion of course.
  9. that epsilon vs clg series was nuts. literally episonl was up 96-80ish in a stronghold tat they lost and than up 2-1 in a flag game right after....epsilon could have won both those games and beat clg. It shows CLG is not invinsible and can actually be beaten,it has to at least give some hope to all the top 4 teams that they can actually win!
  10. Group A: allegiance #1, liquid #2 Group B: EG #1, RNG #2 Group C: Elevate #1, Denial #2 Group D: CLG #1, Epsilon #2 random bracket clg Denial allegiance RNG EG Epsilon Elevate Liquid clg vs allegiance semi finals. eg vs liquid semifinals. allegiance vs liquid finals. allegiance wins!! allegiance wins!!! no jk clg wins it all kbye
  11. heres my prediction. trying to include all possible scenarios 1st clg 2nd-3rd-eg 2nd 3rd -rng (assuming eg is on opposite side of bracket from clg so they can get 2nd...rng will face clg in semis and lose....if eg is on same side of clg i think rng can make it to finals and eg will have to take 3rd again even though they are 2nd best team) 3rd-8th ALG (i think rng/clg/rng will all beat alg. but alg vs rng will be a great match and can go either way. alg best draw would be eg and clg on same side of bracket and playing cloud 9 in first round > rng in semis with rng getting a good draw and playing denial/elevate winner first round. this is the only bracket i see alg have a possibility of getting top 2 with...or rng first and denial/elevate winner in semis. if they play rng first though i think they will lose and get 8th even though i think they are a top 4 team. 3rd-8th Liquid. They will lose pool play. and will lose to clg/eg first round but beat denial and go to semis if they are lucky to get matched against denial. 3rd-8th denial. 8th if they draw renigades/liquid first round of bracket. and 8th if they lose to elevate in pool play(which i think is a possibility). I think they will win pool play though. they need to draw c9 first round to get to semis though IMO. 5th-8th c9. They actually have a chance to make semi finals. i think if they get matched up against group c winner denial/elevate they have a chance. I think they would lose to denial and win against elevate which is why i put them here between the 2. 5th-8th elevate. elevates best chance is to win pool play and play c9 first round. even than i think c9 will beat elevate 9th epsilon- dont sleep on these guys! I think there is a possibility of epsilon beating cloud 9. We all saw epsilon perform pretty good at xgames and even beating renigades....def a possibility. I even think epsilon could make semis with the right draw. they need to beat c9 in pool play and than hopefully draw the group c winner denial/elevate. how crazy would that be? long shot but possible IMO.
  12. You want to remove ninjas from the game? those are some of the most hyped up plays so far from viewer standpoint. all these ninjas from contra ninjaing royal 2...to lethul ninjaing ogre 2 and lunchbox are soo fun to watch.
  13. I use a battlebeaver controller. with 4 buttons on the back and smart triggers (basically turned teh triggers into buttons) green thumb layout (seems to be the default in a lot of other games like cod destiny battlefront so i just got use to it. zooming with trigger is awesome imo) i have been clawing since halo 2 but recently stopped. my aim was fine in every other game besides halo 5, and than halo 5 just crushed me so i wanted to make a change and go back to holding the controller normal to see if it would help. Ill probably never claw again as long as i have buttons on the back. but clawing def > holding controller normal on a regular xb1 controller. 4 sensitivity 4 acceleration 0 deadzones I change my sens and accel ALL the time though. im anywhere in the range from 2sens to 7 sens depending on what im in the mood for lol. i just play for fun and if im going for crazy montage stuff i find higher sens better for sniping/railgun/ 180 ninjas etc. 4/4 is my tryhard settings though when im trying to climb the ranks to get champion.
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