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  1. I'm just now watching the grand finals and I gotta say, I love T2 in the booth. I know pretty much everyone has said that since he started doing it regularly but man it makes the viewing experience so much better. Listening to him makes me think of how dry the commentary was before him. I love it when he laughs at people dying. Someone gets ground pounded and you hear a little "Ho ho ho" from him.
  2. The number of times I have went back and watched the end of vision is unhealthy.
  3. Halo needs more of what happened last night. Any press is good press right?
  4. I would consider them "back" if they were consistently placing top 3. I don't know if anyone is waiting for them to beat CLG. Are we really going to consider them "back" after beating Optic in a scrim though?
  5. It is absolutely painful going to college for marketing and then analyzing 343's HCS marketing techniques. There a TON of incredible ideas that are fairly cheap, that they could use to build a lot of hype for pro league and help grow the competitive scene. I wish I could just go work for them and focus on growing the fanbase for HCS. EDIT: Forgot to add, my DMs are open. @@Tashi @@Bravo
  6. Do we have any idea when they will announce info on the next season? 343/ESL have both proved that they are listening and willing to make changes. I have a good feeling about the next few months of halo.
  7. I want to bring up a crazy idea. What about Jimbo? They have an EG house he could live in. It would bring so much attention to that team, literally everyone on the team would benefit from it. His playstyle (from what I have seen) would also fit the role you are describing. His only other possible NA team was Optic. Which he said something along the lines of "I'd rather be top 2 in EU than top 8 in NA." This EG team with him would be competing for top 4. I wonder if either side would consider it.
  8. Obviously an amazing gif. I can't help but ask myself why Jordan didn't just pass the ball though on that play?
  9. Well shit here goes nothing. Bought Halo 2 the day it came out and my life forever changed. Played H2 like crazy with friends and family, eventually got xbox live and played the crap out of that. Discovered MLG one day at school when I stumbled upon Walshys halo 2 montage. From that montage I learned about MLG and started playing halo more seriously. Won a few tournaments at my local mall. (I was like 14ish) Halo 3 came along and I kept playing the crap out of that. I met some kids at school who played as well and we were all around the same skill level. We started winning every tournament we went too in our state. Started to try our luck with MLG tournaments with online teams (Not all of us could afford to go to MLG tourneys) Reach came out. Everyone stopped playing except me and one other friend. He was way better than me but we both had a sponsor that would send us to MLG tournaments. I never had much success but my friend did. Later in reach our sponsor moved and I quit playing. My friend went pro so I would go to some events just to hang out and watch him. Now I just play casually here and there. I still watch a lot of halo and try to follow the scene. My friend never stopped playing and everyone here knows him as the lord of the cummies, Lethul.
  10. Does anyone know when the first NV vs CLG scrim is happening? I want to make sure I cancel all my plans that night.
  11. "KD doesn't mean everything" Proceeds to tell me he is bad because he has the worst KD... Please explain Lethul to me.
  12. Please tell me how you feel about Lethul then. You could argue he has been the worst player on his teams the last 2+ years, yet he has won every single tournament except x-games.
  13. Those guys all probably have better individual stats than Lethul too but he is in everyone's top 10. I think that is usually a good indicator of his k/d. I guess I don't put as much weight on someones k/d when ranking them as you do.
  14. Cratos has the best H5 resume outside of CLG. Saying its laughable that he is possibly a top 10 player, is laughable.
  15. It doesn't matter who ninja teams with he isn't winning a tournament. The top 3 teams will be CLG, NV, and E6. Everyone else is playing not to get relegated.
  16. I feel like him and Ryanoob are the 2 best casters right now.
  17. I think its all about perspective. I read that and interpret it as maybe 2gre and him have already talked about a possible casting/pro team position. Che knows they will be working together in the future and doesn't feel the need to write a sappy thank you. (Obviously just speculation) Not that either view is right or wrong, more of a to each his own type of deal.
  18. I know today is a great day for halo, but I really hope matches aren't consistently played on Fridays at 5 Pacific Time. Anyone want to give me insight on how COD pro league matches go?
  19. I agree. I am assuming that it might appear he gets challenged more than others because he is last alive more. That would be something caused more by his playstyle than him being viewed as the weak link.
  20. Everyone is talking about why RNG isn't playing as well. I think it has more to do with the Honeymoon Phase when they first formed. The honeymoon phase with halo teams is super real. I mean look at EG winning xgames. Communication/Personalities that don't mesh well together, will be okay at first because its exciting hearing new voices and playing with different people. After a month or so when the initial love is gone that stuff comes front and center.
  21. Exactly. Its like your parents buying you a car when you turn 16 and you're upset that its not a rolls royce or something.
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