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  1. Watching some of the potential Optic scrims tonight with Fear/Lifestyle and I have decided a few things. 1) May have potential if they're able to play a lot and gel before the LCQ. 2) Lifestyle can play. 3) FS may be a little inconsistent, but he can definitely still play at a top level. I was a little suspect after what seemed to be a lack of playing.. but, I'm convinced that he is still capable of playing at a top level. I won't go as far to say a top 3-5 level, but certainly top 8-10. Again tho, just one man's opinion.
  2. Literally Lol'd. Those two are always at each others throats.
  3. Definitely an interesting stat. Hard to say the validity of it though. In my opinion it just tells you who is the most aggressive player in a series of games. Damage obviously doesn't always translate to a kill, but it does tell you who is in the best/most aggressive spots to be getting damage in, which in itself is interesting.
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