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  1. You didn't prove anything. So you're saying I'm a moron for not having the same opinion as you? You're really going that route dude lol. People like you are why i rarely visit this site. You took what i said offensive which is really sad. I'm assuming you get insulted easily then.
  2. Thats just how you took it lmao and "WHATEVER YOU SAY MAN". You just proved my point lol
  3. If i insulted anyone then my words arent the problem. I wasnt trying to insult anyone, i was just speaking the truth. If anyone gets insulted by "h1 fanboy" then they really have some issues in life.
  4. The pistol isnt the problem its the fact that its has to have a rate of fire buff instead. My point isnt that its the most skill but that everyone who loved h1 just wants a carbon copy of the pistol. If its a 4sk then its need to have a lower rate of fire. I'm fine with pistol/ar starts but im sure 343i knows what they are doing or else it would be different.
  5. The 4 shots pistol vote is of coarse going to get the votes when everyone on this site is a h1 fanboy. This whole post is very biased.
  6. Anyone down for some Team Slayer?? I'm so tired of carrying every single game and losing some games. I'm only a 14 and im looking for a group who wants to get their rank up. Also im way above average so plz only good ppl. My gt is ( Ripshade 41 ) - i play all the time so just add me.
  7. How is that not a bug? That has never been in any halo except before and after games. Your telling me that it was put in there on purpose so i can talk to one random guy on the other team the whole game? Why make that default. Honestly that shouldnt even be an option.
  8. How has no one mentioned the bug where you can talk to the enemy team while playing a match. MCC Enemy Game chat bug: - Any title you can sometimes hear someone on the other team the whole game. This has happened so many times its not even funny. I would be fine if its proximity voice in game but its not. I have to mute the enemy players all the time.
  9. So the small majority of the halo community that love halo 1 want halo 5 to be a h1 clone. Cause thats all i get from this site is that everyone is a h1 fanboy now.
  10. Im just saying that as long as it isnt like h1 pistol in terms of range and killtimes than im fine with a pistol start. AR starts should be a no go. They take zero skill to use and are annoying to die by. As long as the pistol is pretty much just a aesthetic and the fire rate isnt super fast and the gun is a 4 shot then im fine with it. I understand that if the range is close to mid then it would give the incentive to go for "far ranged weapons". I just dont want a halo 1 clone with noobie shit in it. I would rather have br starts but if its just a skin of a pistol then im fine with that. I just hope this makes more sense. The AR should be very good but a map pic up a long withe almost every other non starting weapon. I dont know what else you could spawn with tho which is probly the reason for this thread.
  11. This isnt halo 1 and i would never want AR/pistol starts. Every last halo game has somewhat did it right. BR/Pistol starts. I dont want a pistol for the fact of it having lesser range and the AR is the noobiest gun in the game. BR is fine for close quarters and for long range. People complaining about being "crossed mapped" can do the same thing to another player. I have never once heard a pro say that they want "pistol starts" because the br soots to far. The BR/Pis are perfect for every gametype. People can still pick up other close range weapons to take out ppl with br's and no one ever complains about being shot across the map. If anything i would say more people would complain in h1 cross mapping with sniper pistol on maps with almost no cover.
  12. I created a petition to see who would want the 360 guide to make its way to next gen. Plz sign if you would like to see this happen or at least to see xbox show some interest in this. https://www.change.org/p/xbox-bring-the-360-guide-to-xb1-please-vote-the-ui-for-360-was-amazing-the-guide Thank you for your time
  13. Well the whole reason im getting this external is for my xbox one. I'm not getting it for a pc or to backup important files. One reason why its seems good to me. Idk i need room for games and the hdd that i bought (fantom) is faster than the internal drive. Thats good for me honestly
  14. A HDD that is over 10,000rpm and that is more than 2TB is probably going to be more expensive. If you can show me one then that would be sweet.
  15. If the xbox one drive transfer rate is at 5400rpm and the fantom drive is at 7200rpm them im sure there will be a improvement of load times. I'm not looking to make a ridiculous increase in load times. I wanted something that will improve the load times of the standard drive and that has a lot of room. Why comment if you just going to be a negative nancy.
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