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  1. Pissed I didn't get cream with my covfefe this morning. How am I supposed to Halo today without it?
  2. That was the first time I've seen OG type teamwork by a team that wasn't Optic..... NV looked amazing in that Ctf game
  3. D2 football is still pretty damn good football..... I may be a little partial, I Coach D2 football..... this is actually a pretty good comparison...
  4. GTFO with these negative, useless, unproductive ass comments. I feel like you posting goes directly against the "waste of time" context of your post.
  5. Sprint would be somewhat managable if not for thrust slide jumps IMO. Get rid of that and the new radar plays fine along with pistol only starts.
  6. Yea he's spitting some truth. This game was DOA but lucky it has some of the most loyal ass fans on the planet.
  7. I LOVE how no sprint 120% movement feels.... Wish there were custom games with these settings
  8. Love proving grounds. Makes you become more aware. It also strangely slows the play down while speeding the games up..... pulls and flanks happen more but people rarely just fly all over the map at break neck speeds so far.
  9. I was a 50 in H3, and an made it to onyx 1800 in this game (I'm far from good). The awareness needed in this game due to the speed of movement is much more demanding than in H3 imo. Predicting where the other team is moving and putting youself in position to counter or cut them off came much easier in H3 than it does in H5. Autos and radar can give a lesser skilled player a kill that wasn't worked for though. If you nerf autos and remove Radar then I would think H5 would be the 2nd most competitive Halo game we've had. Surely the increase in auto aim is due to the increased number of movement mechanics. I could imagine that decreasing the amount of auto aim would hurt the noncompetitive scene since kill times are longer than they are in CoD.
  10. Fixed it for ya. There are a greater number of skills if you include thrusting, sprint, ground pound, ect..... That does not mean the skill gap is higher and that H5 is more skillfull
  11. I prefer Scuf sticks but the elites paddles. I used the Scuf over the Elite due to the feel of the sticks. The Elite sticks feel......off compared to the Scuf. Can't really put it into words. The movement with the Elite sticks felt less precise and I was having a hard time finishing kills. Scuf sticks feel like regular xbox controller sticks which is a good thing imo.
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