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  1. This^^^^ There are still so many complaints in the air about the aiming. Why not just throw it back to previous Halos or even the H5 beta? I'm sure this is a move that would get overwhelming support from the community.
  2. @@Sal1ent I love everything about H5, except for the aiming. I know it's a long shot but is there a chance 343 is working on a fix for the aiming (make it more similar to previous Halos or even the H5 beta) considering all of the complaints still hanging in the air? I love the game to death and try to grind it for all its worth but I've reached a point where I rage quit every other game because of the aiming. I feel that getting a monitor would solve my issues (reducing input lag which would effectively decrease the clunky feel), but I shouldn't have to buy a monitor in order to play the game. Also, there's no getting used to it, and the recent update did minimal work to solve the issue. I've tried playing for hundreds of hours on different settings following many different guidelines to no avail, the aiming still feels bad. This issue needs to be solved, and if 343 won't address it then that is absolutely outrageous. Adding skins, armor, new maps, new gamemodes, that's all great. More content for game that already exceeds its value (with forge and custom games). But none of that matters if the game feels totally clunky, and this is coming from a hard-core, longtime fan.
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