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  1. Sorry if it's a question that's already been asked and answered, but are Renegades competing in tonight's tourney?
  2. Big up Flamesword, got a lot of shit during H5 but he's a top guy and you can't forget everything he's done for Halo and the success he's had!
  3. The twitch chat will literally say 'cringe' for anything...
  4. Although I do get where you're coming from I haven't personally seen him run with as good players as those guys have in H5, and although there may be a reason for that atm he's playing well, and personally I'm more impressed by him than the other three right now. Just my opinion though, not looking to start any arguments.
  5. Watching T2's stream and I have to I'm pretty impressed. I'd like to see him running with some better players.
  6. "Unbelievable suicide you won't believe" Yes that is what unbelievable means...
  7. @@Commonly is becoming one of my favorite players watching his streams recently. Really hope he teams with Ninja, Victory and Penguin, seems like a really good team.
  8. Funny how no one seems to mention how well @@Ninja has been playing in scrims since regionals...
  9. Is the tournament gonna be on Twitch or MLG TV? And if on twitch will there be rebroadcasts available to all? I live in England so it's all probably gonna be going on too late for me
  10. I'm a big Renegades fan so it pains me to say this, but Renegades have to be the one of least professional squads in terms of attitude. Their attitude can be so poor at times and they just pick each other apart in really petite ways instead of actually constructively talking through things and are constantly in denial. They need someone to keep them all in check. I apologise if this was a bit harsh, but I just really want them to do well.
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