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  1. Im currently looking for a halo 5 team to run games with, i'm looking for a solid team with good communication. Ive never played in a tournament but i feel i have really picked this game up and has what it takes to compete with a hard working team to grind and climb to become known. If you are interested message me back Thanks GT: FirstRowGaming
  2. Looking to find a solid squad to grind with and play tournaments. Ive never played in a tournament or LAN but i don't crack under pressure i stay calm and collected. If you are interested Message me Thanks GT: FirstRowGaming
  3. Hello my name is Jake ive been looking for a team for sometime to try and compete in tournaments. Ive not got any tournament experience But there's a first for everything, Im a decent player looking to find a solid hard working team GT: FirstRowGaming Thanks
  4. Im British looking for a team to play with hit me up if you want to play GT: FirstRowGaming
  5. Im looking for a uk team to play with Im looking to get a 4man together to start doing things competitively if you are interested hit me up and we will play thanks GT: FirstRowGaming
  6. I will play Gt: FirstRowGaming
  7. Hello my name is Jake im 17 years old from Britain. Im looking for a team to play competitively. Im Diamond 3 Slayer and Platinum 3 Objective. Ive never played semi pro or pro on any games but there's a first for everything. Im online most days playing halo looking for a team because ive been playing solo and constantly matched to people who leave. If you interested message me and give me a try Gt: FirstRowGaming Thanks
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