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  1. Halo 4, The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5....but Halo 3 anniversary/Halo 6 that's where they'll get it right! Makes sense to me. I can't see any reason not to believe it.
  2. Notable memory from my life for those in the thread to chew on. I remember when I was younger and played Halo 3 a lot. I had me a little team and we played tournaments local in North Alabama, did gamebattles etc etc. We were decent enough but in the scheme of things not great. I remember in 2007 or 2008 or whenever we all loaded up in my little beater and drove to some insignificant tournament in Louisville KY (where we were ultimately put out first round of course). But in attendance were Elamitewarrior and strongside. I don't even remember if they played or not, what I remember is they were there, talking with people, interacting and giving kids like me memories they kept for a really long time. Ultimately because those two guys took 30 minutes out of their time to talk to me and my little buddies I ended up supporting (read: spending $$$$$) on things they were involved with for a very long time. Hopefully I made my point to those reading.
  3. forgive my ignorance as I am but a casual but what are the settings changes everyone is rallying behind, specifically? I see a lot of hate for radar so I assume that but what else?
  4. Confirmed happened to me twice in my last game I spawned in enemy base
  5. Maybe possibly spawns got tweaked on Colliseum ctf. I just spawned in the enemy base twice
  6. My opinion is irrelevant as I am a zit on the ass of competitive halo however, the notion that a pro team faced with a 13-9 game given the option to take a win on a technicality or replay chose the technicality in the finals no less, is a bit of a turn off for me as a fan. It's unsportsmanlike, it's disrespectful and frankly a bit childish. If the situation didn't happen like it did and allegiance had won the series it makes everyone in the halo scene look like a bunch of jokes. Online quals already have a stigma and had Allegiance won it would have not only tainted the entire process further, but borderline rendered the entire HWC a joke. Ultimately did it matter? No, but to this random guy on the Internet it assured I never cheer for allegiance or support their streams etc. TL;DR tacky, unsportsmanlike, childish
  7. So what if this is all an elaborate troll by lethal and he goes back to EG last minute in order to leave everyone out to dry and win everything due to incomplete rosters for most legitimate competitors
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