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  1. Good luck to Lenox. Kind of excited to have someone whose been so invested in Halo esports to now be working at Microsoft/Xbox.
  2. Wow I've had this happen a heap of times since the update, I thought it was my internet being shitty.
  3. I feel like getting rid of CTF replays would almost single handedly solve the issue of finishing too late. Not only that, but it puts a massive downer on the proceedings, all the great plays of a tense and close game get wiped and count for nothing when you replay. But keep playing and all those 'PogChamp' moments have a chance to add up to a clutch win after a stalemate. The momentum is kept rather then restarted in the middle of a series.
  4. I love seeing Twitch chat reactions, especially when everyone freaks out. Would love a capture of those final few seconds with the chat visible.
  5. I mean, it's the same price as subbing to Twitch for 2 months. And all you get there are some emotes in return for 2 months, but those emotes are just perks, we mainly do it because we're supporting our favourite player/streamer (and Twitch takes half). And it's no ones fault you want to buy all the skins. You don't hear people complaining about having to buy multiple sports teams jerseys or football shirts.
  6. It's all good Moa, I don't envy mod's in any channel, we all know how Twitch chat can be. There's definitely taking emote spam too far, but I love seeing a great play by someone, followed by people who sub and therefore support a channel/streamer/team collectively show their appreciation and hype (collectively) flooding chat with emotes. These are e-sporting events, it's our equivalent of a crowd going wild in a stadium.
  7. I don't know who runs Halo's Twitch channel, but someone needs to tell them to get their shit together. This is what getting hyped over a win will get you
  8. Just caught up on this, damn I feel bad for Summit. Context from Dreamhack, vs CLG
  9. Love that a topic on r/Halo about tonight's CLG vs Optic scrim is getting a lot of love on the front page. That scrim, Reach community update, BF5 reveal... todays a good day.
  10. Would love to see a forge tournament, there are some great maps out there. There's nothing else out there in the console scene like forge, 343 don't utilise it nearly enough.
  11. Waking up in the UK to see cool, Lethul's still streaming, whats up chat
  12. Great casting happening here, over 800 viewers for Simms and Ryanoob https://www.twitch.tv/thesimms
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