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  1. I agree with the frustration over being neg rep. It's like candy here.
  2. At first I reacted to this post, then I saw that was a neg rep so I changed my reaction to .
  3. Trophy Systems are pretty important at top level CoD -- watch Apathy if/when he streams scrims. Half his communication is centered around where enemy Trophies are/where his Trophy is.
  4. There's a big difference between powerful and durable. The Mantis was incredibly durable. The Gauss Warthog and Reach Banshee were powerful. (Reach Banshee also had some absurd durability.) In the Reach Banshee's case, though, there was a giant skill floor to making it powerful. With the Gauss Warthog, it's "Can you aim?"
  5. Halo 4 BTB had a flat map where one team was given a Gauss Warthog at the start and the other team was given a CHANCE at a Scorpion tank. The Gauss Warthog is and always has been the most powerful vehicle in the Halo franchise (even more powerful than tanks) because of its kill time and mobility...and the only Halo it was ever BALANCED in was Halo 2, where it was balanced not by its power (that was the strongest iteration of the vehicle) but by the map geometry, where maps where it was present, such as Zanzibar and Headlong, were extremely vertical maps, preventing the Gauss from taking advantage of its gun's power and allowing people with regular guns to pressure the gunner.
  6. Not Halo related, but Zven/Mithy were a long-lasting duo in LoL and the farewell tweet from Zven captures everything I think public-facing relationships in esports should be:
  7. As one of the people on that train (though, solely with Saiyan as the potential replacement), I'd like to ask How does having the least amount of deaths every tournament conflict with the idea that he might possibly not be playing fast enough? While dying is definitely not a good thing to do often, consistently having a staggeringly low death count in games while still losing can be a red flag (or blue flag if you're higher seed) that you may not be exerting enough pressure to help out your teammates.
  8. The settings were good, but they spent a lot of time pissing off either side of the split community (Player Base vs MLG Forge Community). I think they had a good head on their shoulders as far as deciding when and how to compromise, though. Didn't always agree with the decisions made, but they at least tried to appease both sides without drastically sacrificing anything.
  9. The last time Legion and Joe Fries casted a tournament, I said basically this same thing and had no voices of agreement at all. What changed? I think Legion would make a FANTASTIC event host, and Joe Fries a great floor interviewer. They're both entertaining, especially together, and they both have a good rapport with the players within the scene. I hope UGC does something along these lines. It's not that I dislike their casting, either, it's just I feel their mood and approach to it aren't in line with what casting should be. It's entertaining. If we had a Halo WWE or a Halo XFL or anything along those lines, they'd be the perfect casting duo.
  10. ??? Halo 5 has nothing to do with that, I remained a part of Team Liquid for months after they released the Halo roster and had multiple opportunities to pursue further employment with them, but elected not to.
  11. This post was more meant as a fun jab at just how long the community's been begging for Halo 3 events, and just how hungry they've reacted in response to finally getting one. Halo 5 has had some epic highs right out of the gate, but it's been in a downward spiral for a while, which is frustrating from both a player and a fan perspective. Support dropped on all sides -- developer, tournament, communication, player, and fan. But it's still been the only thing on the plate until recently. In the lull between AGL Halo 4 tournaments and the release of MCC/H2A, we saw a lot of players return to Halo 3 for online play. So we've known the potential is there for a Halo Renaissance. Now, with this UGC tournament, the community finally has the opportunity to really show what that rebirth can be... And they're doing it. Doing it big. What's next? 128? 192? 256? Fuck it, let's shoot for 384. (Also I was unaware 343 were responsible for the prize pool, but I was still just posting in jest, so it wasn't really relevant.) Also, while you're here, I just want to say that communication on 343's end has been improved and quite refreshing in recent months. I know I remarked on one particular comment on Twitter, but everything has been taken a lot more in stride, with explanations of limitations, curbing of expectations... Even when things aren't perfect, we're at least getting some sort of response with acknowledgement of concerns, whether things can be improved or not. Keep up the good work.
  12. Community: Dear 343, Host a Halo 3 tournament 343: Nah, deal with 3 years of Halo 5 Community: Please a Halo 3 tourney? 343: Okay here's a Halo 3 2v2 Tourney LOL SUCK IT Community: Okay we watched that more than any Halo 3 tournament in the last 2 years can we have a Halo 3 4v4 tourney now? 343: ...A what? Community TO: Hey, I'll do it. 32 teams though. Community: FULL Community TO: Okay 64? Community: FULL Community TO: ...96? Community: We can go all day, man.
  13. Citadel needs a change to make those weird attics an intended part of the geometry and it could be great (turns them into a power position to pressure default flag areas).
  14. The two both highly very different skillsets, but I'd mark them as both the best gametypes available, because they're the only gametypes that actually outline that all gameplay is focused on controlling space. In King of the Hill, it's cut and dry there is one space on the map to control and other team members should focus on locking down routes to contest that space. You hold a set-up for as long as you can, and when it comes time for the hill to move, you lock down new space. Rotations are strict and focused solely around where the hill will go. In Strongholds, there are three spaces on the map to control, but you don't have to remain in a static location in order to control them. You capture them, and move on, meaning there are situations where your team can invade enemy-controlled space, capture it, and still be in control of what you already captured. So it becomes a constant weighing of strong versus weak side of the map -- anywhere you're stronger, you push. Anywhere you're weaker, you slow play and try to hold. It's a faster gametype than KotH and requires more snap decisions than methodical play. I still think both are better than Slayer/CTF but tradition will guarantee those two are never dislodged. "It's how it's always been." is too important.
  15. You can't just pause a single PoV VoD and zoom out to see where every other player on the map is at a time. You'd have to sync up four VoDs of four player PoVs...
  16. One thing to consider when weighing in on TOX versus Final Boss: Final Boss dominated in an era where you couldn't just open up your game and pull up replays of all your scrimmages to see what was going on for every player in every game. So if you were doing something clever, people had to witness it in the game to pick it up and adapt to it. TOX is dominating in a post-streaming era where you've been able to see games via replays as well as watch streams to hear teams' communication and improve that way as well. I am not saying this means TOX would have been better at CE or Halo 2, only that it's a factor to consider. Game sense as a whole is much higher these days, simply because everyone has access to more information. They're all more competitive game literate.
  17. They are. They're currently playing with TeddyRecks and Ramby (formerly of Lethal Gaming, finished top 16 at Worlds 2018). They are...not doing so well yet. Their team name is Splyce Black. They went out in the round of 128 in the most recent 2k (meaning they finished 65-128)
  18. Yeah, but Team Slayer and Social Slayer used to be the most popular.
  19. Their priorities are supported by data, which is the more depressing thing. They're doing this because it's what people are playing. People play Halo for fun more than for competition. A lot of people don't find the base game fun at all.
  20. 4 of the top 5 playlists are essentially party gametypes. Halo is Microsoft's version of Mario Party at this point.
  21. I hope I'm not reading too much into this, but this makes me worried European player salaries are, on the whole, lower than their NA counterparts. If it's better for Str8 Rippin to invest in the top European team than it is for a top 12-16 NA Halo team in this competitive ecosystem...It makes me think EU players are getting chump change in comparison to what NA players were making the last few years.

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