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  1. Just make dunks worth more than roll-ins and turn the score more toward basketball rather than the typical "3 or 5 scores wins" we see in Flag/Bomb. Shots are worth 1, dunks are worth 3, or even 5. Suddenly you've got a lot more incentive to actually carry the ball in unless you're just trying to coast on a lead without taking risks.
  2. VIP as a game mode had a ton of potential that Bungie squandered with shitbag setttings variants for it. But then again, the same applies to Ricochet.
  3. Why is bookkeeping a necessary skill in a video game? The less brain cells you have to take up keeping track of extraneous things, the more you can focus on the game itself. Riot was smart enough to realize this with League and neutral+buff timers. Halo 2's system (weapon timer only starts once empty weapon was dropped) was the start of Bungie trying to create systems to make it -harder- for players who learned the game to get an advantage, because deep down, Bungie hated competitive players. In Halo 3, they introduced an even MORE fucked mechanic, which, although MLG evaded it with drop spawning, we still saw in the case of dirtied timers: The timer for a weapon respawn didn't start until the person holding it either died or stopped moving for 3 seconds...it was a way to just sort of make a player 'guess' if the weapon was up or not in a lot of scenarios. I don't particularly like the weapon pads of H5, but making the system accessible to all players and insuring there's no asymmetry of information with power weapons (which can itself be a cascading advantage) is much preferred over ambiguously hiding weapon timers from either 1) everyone (Bungie's preferred method) or 2) the team that didn't get it (which is the case of people needing to time weapons)
  4. I love MLG Halo. It's fun, it's competitive, and it's a great display of some boiled down skillful play. But never let anyone trick you into thinking that 4v4 Halo is how Halo was meant to be played. BTB is true Halo.
  5. If you're talking about why MLG took them off the map, that may be the case. Bungie removed the Radar Jammer and Flare because of in-game exploits that allowed you to throw them at your feet, jump off of them, and escape the map. The Power Drain also allowed this, but was left in game because you'd nearly die in the process.
  6. Frags in H3 were pretty smoky, but I don't recall a straight-up smoke grenade.
  7. Nah, make the lunge part of the weapon's usage, rather than automatic. Instead of lock-lunging any time you pull the trigger with a red reticule, you hold right trigger and it charges a distance -- tap right trigger is just instant slash in front of you, up to a full second is a normal length sword lunge that cuts the first person you run into on the lunge (and stops you at that point). (Though, this would likely cripple the Sword in a game designed around gunfighting.)
  8. This shouldn't be the case. Every gun should be fun. Every gun should be easy to understand how to use. In an ideal scenario, all the guns have room for skill differentiation, whether by mechanical outplays or by nuance.
  9. Not in the least. As a projectile you could add damage fall-off range incrementals and/or gravity effects to drop the shot, and it'd probably be a 3 shot kill at range with slugs (slugs would deal less damage overall) I ran a 6x Scope Slug Shotgun on my Vanu character in PlanetSide 2 before they added gravity to Vanu shotguns, though...it was essentially a Scout Rifle.
  10. When scoped, fires slug rounds instead of standard ammunition. Slow-firing, single shot projectile, potential headshot damage bonus.
  11. The problem with shotguns is that the number one resource in Halo is space. To control space, you have to exert pressure. To exert pressure, you have to be a threat. With a shotgun, you only threaten a small space, because of its extremely limited range. Your threat is at its highest if you aren't visible but the enemy knows you are in an area -- because by wielding a weapon that kills instantly in its only effective range, you discourage enemies from moving where they know you are. The issue, of course, is that as long as you wield that weapon, and not one with greater range (like a rifle), you're not really claiming new space on the map. You're able to keep the space you have, and that's it. With regards to the underpowered/overpowered, if a shotgun does not exert pressure outside of its close range, it -has- to be able to kill instantly, reliably within the close range or else it has no place in the wider sandbox. If it IS able to kill reliably within that range, without much room for counterplay for opponents, it feels oppressive. By giving shotguns more options outside of CQB, you're able to pull power out of their instant kill threat. Halo 5 alleviated some of this with the Scattershot's ADS, an ability to make bounced shots track a target and turn the wide, consistent spread into a shot that converges into one point. This was honestly the best iteration of a shotgun I've seen in an FPS as far as turning a shotgun into a weapon that exerts some pressure in actual player LoS, rather than just around corners as a "I can't go there I'll die" deterrent. This is all a large part of why I've also consistently said the Needler would work great if the melee were replaced with a conical discharge of all the remaining needles in a clip, potentially turning to a Supercombine. It gives you the open space control of a default Needler, but gives the weapon a larger threat of "Do not approach the pink mist."
  12. I'm still curious why orgs were so gung-ho about signing so quickly in the first place. There has to be someone with a silver tongue at 343 to have gotten the orgs to buy in so early.
  13. This is the correct answer to montage kids crying about SBMM in CoD.
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