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  1. I thought Southpaw was 100% just a stick layout. Aim with left, move with right thumbstick.
  2. Personally, I think events should be organized like Fight Club. Entirely underground scene with the only rules being that you don't talk about Halo tournaments and that you DON'T talk about Halo tournaments. Eventually, the word will inevitably get out anyway because no one can keep their mouths shut these days, and we'll have the biggest scene ever. A scene so large, we could perform a hostile esports world takeover if we wanted.
  3. I'd rather it discharge its full damage over a longer period, so you have to keep the reticule on a vehicle to full-kill the vehicle. Kinda like how the Binary Rifle works in H5, but a longer discharge, and a little longer of a hold before it registers as a kill. 4 shots per spawn. It'd make it useful vs infantry in long corridor areas, but given the pre-charge before discharge and the laser tracer, it's not nearly as effective as a Sniper in straight up reflex kills. A lot of counterplay to it built in naturally.
  4. We've argued in circles around universal settings for years, and usually there's a little bit of difference in personal definitions of what that would entail, but Hard Way is absolutely right in that the game should be designed, from the ground up, with universal settings in mind, with at least 3 goals: Automatic-weapons should not use RNG-based dampeners to reduce their effectiveness at range. Whatever method -IS- used to reduce their effectiveness at range, it should be something skillful players can manipulate in a way that enables them to use the weapon better than an unskilled player. The starting weapon should be able to be an effective starting weapon regardless of map size and scale. Big Team Battle / Warzone should not need to start with a rifle because the 4v4 playlist starting weapons are ineffective outside of a certain range. Power weapons should be consistent neutral objectives that players learn to plan and play around obtaining. They should not be randomized drops, nor should tracking their spawn timer require three excel spreadsheets, an astrological chart, and the time of death of the red team's second player's father. (I'm looking at you, Halo 3/Halo Reach base settings.) If these three things are taken care of, it's a lot easier to make settings consistent throughout the game...but we have yet to have a Halo game where all three points were covered in a single design space. With regards to point #2, you can see that one of my personal definitions of Universal Settings includes that BTB should not have different starting weapons -- the only settings difference should be the inclusion of vehicles and the expansion of the sandbox to include weapons designed solely to shut down vehicles (though...I also believe the Spartan Laser should be redesigned to require more skill to kill a vehicle and also be more effective against infantry, because I don't think weapons should solely be designed for an anti-vehicle space.)
  5. I can say for sure LoS had different ranges and cone sizes depending on the weapon you were using in Halo 4/H2A.
  6. First Halo: Halo: Combat Evolved Favorite Halo: Halo 2. I straight up borrowed a friend's XBox for months at a time to play on his XBL account (he'd bought a computer and was playing other games a the time, so he didn't mind.) First Competitive Halo: My first MLG event was in Halo Reach, but I competed in online BTB tournaments in Halo 3. Least Played Halo: Halo 4. I barely played the game at all and the majority of my time spent logged in on it was helping Ghost with Forging/Settings. Favorite Gun: Halo Reach Grenade Launcher (Favorite Vehicle: Gauss Warthog) Favorite Map: Headlong Favorite Pro: Walshy. He was a player that tried to approach the game intelligently, a player from top during the golden age, and he knew how to trash talk properly.
  7. I agree with the frustration over being neg rep. It's like candy here.
  8. At first I reacted to this post, then I saw that was a neg rep so I changed my reaction to .
  9. Trophy Systems are pretty important at top level CoD -- watch Apathy if/when he streams scrims. Half his communication is centered around where enemy Trophies are/where his Trophy is.
  10. There's a big difference between powerful and durable. The Mantis was incredibly durable. The Gauss Warthog and Reach Banshee were powerful. (Reach Banshee also had some absurd durability.) In the Reach Banshee's case, though, there was a giant skill floor to making it powerful. With the Gauss Warthog, it's "Can you aim?"
  11. Halo 4 BTB had a flat map where one team was given a Gauss Warthog at the start and the other team was given a CHANCE at a Scorpion tank. The Gauss Warthog is and always has been the most powerful vehicle in the Halo franchise (even more powerful than tanks) because of its kill time and mobility...and the only Halo it was ever BALANCED in was Halo 2, where it was balanced not by its power (that was the strongest iteration of the vehicle) but by the map geometry, where maps where it was present, such as Zanzibar and Headlong, were extremely vertical maps, preventing the Gauss from taking advantage of its gun's power and allowing people with regular guns to pressure the gunner.
  12. Not Halo related, but Zven/Mithy were a long-lasting duo in LoL and the farewell tweet from Zven captures everything I think public-facing relationships in esports should be:

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