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  1. Mildly off-topic but shoutout to BabyJ for participating in a Valorant Invitational today sponsored by T1: https://liquipedia.net/valorant/T1_x_Nerd_Street_Gamers_Invitational His team, Team Prospects, got 2nd in the first qualifier and 1st in the 2nd qualifier to qualify for the invitational. They didn't win any matches in the Invitational itself, but good to see a Halo name already in good spot in Valorant.
  2. Game is so fucking good. I haven't put this much time into a beta since 2009... with the last game Riot Games made.
  3. Why would you want a game mode that makes absolute and perfect sense when you could instead have Breakout?
  4. That would be fun as hell for a Tron Race game mode.
  5. From a strictly design standpoint, the Gungoose is a necessity for open maps, because the Mongoose, while granting you faster movement, completely erases any pressure you exert on the map until you dismount it, unless you have a heavily armed passenger. (A passenger with starting weaponry is still exerting less pressure than a foot soldier with the same weapons would because of increased difficulty in aim/landing shots). There's a little bit of a catch here, since as soon as you dismount your exerted pressure skyrockets because of positional advantages you can gain (especially if you Mongoose into the back of an undefended enemy base). But for the time you're on the Mongoose and moving, you are just a moving target that is doing very little to gain ground regardless of the increased movement speed. You're an e4 opening into e5 second move, you gained ground but gained no pressure anywhere else on the board, so you're just a hanging pawn. The Gungoose is one path to mitigate this, allowing you to still be able to exert SOME pressure on an open map, (but solely for targets directly in front of you)...the alternate method of approaching this is to give better side routes for the Mongoose to take. H3 Rat's Nest is a great example here since nearly all of the map's combat takes place in the kitchens and bridge/turret area, with a little bit outside tunnel/Snipe to get high ground control of center/enemy kitchens, but primarily, Mongooses allow you to take an outside path to get to the enemy base while being segregated from the rest of the battles.
  6. A good base movement speed eliminates the need for Sprint. Even saying "Leave Sprint to the BTB crowd" is ignorant because BTB has vehicles. If you want to get from Point A to Point B faster, use a fucking Gungoose, hell they PUT GUNS ON THE FUCKING MONGOOSE SO YOU CAN DO IT. That said, I'm of the opinion that a movement skill gap is the highest form of skill gap in a game, so I'm always in favor of micromanagement ways of increasing your movement, even if it's a temporary boost, so long as they don't interfere with your ability to do combat. Tribes had this with skating (and could be buffed with rocketjumping). Older arena shooters had this with strafejumping (often confused with bunnyhopping). I'm not sure how you could implement it in a console Halo -without- being invasive from a control standpoint, but I think finding a way to carry momentum or shift momentum instantly -and- directionally would be interesting. A sort of half-way point between how Thrust works and just base movement -- you push a button as you change movement directions and your momentum carries over wholly. Would be great for strafe battles where you lose no speed in a juke, great for turning corners in a flee, great for an attempted ninja around a corner as your full momentum just jukes backwards... But not an actual thrust that gives you additional push in that direction.
  7. Bad universal settings are bad universal settings. Good universal settings work universally.
  8. Strongholds was just an improved iteration over 3-Plots Territories from older variants to make it where you don't end up with unwinnable scenarios, but the other 2 I'll agree they had a ton of potential that went unrealized by the settings we were given. And atomic take here: I don't think CTF should be a core Halo gametype, ESPECIALLY if we move -away- from enhanced movement with Infinite. King of the Hill, Strongholds, Oddball, and Extraction all emphasize spacing better than CTF and rely even less on the "Get Power Weapon to Create Opening -> Try to Score" play pattern.
  9. I was responding based off the iteration of Ricochet that we were given in H2A for the HCS that everyone immediately shut down and refused to play.
  10. The problem for Ricochet, from Day 1, has been that the score to win was set too low for the expectations of the gametype. Why is it a first to 3 or even 5, when it's a game where scoring, relative to CTF or Assault, is much MUCH easier (especially in games with ball-throwing)? You're playing Basketball with score to win set to "Soccer." That game could have had a ton of excitement with just two things: Significantly more points for dunks versus throwing it in (reverse from actual basketball, since, getting it TO the goal is hard since you can just be punched or shot to prevent a dunk...something that might end badly in a physical sport) and jacking up the score to win about tenfold. By keeping the score to win low, it made the gametype extremely frustrating because a shot going in *EVER* feels terrible for the other team because it constantly feels like there's nothing to do to stop it. By incentivizing dunks more, you encourage riskier plays, so there's less incentive for the hard-to-prevent long shots, and by raising the score to win, those long-shots don't feel like "Oh, well he pulled the trigger once now they're 20% of the way to victory." Leaves a lot more room for comebacks and exciting runs of points when a team gets set-up.

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