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  1. Bazaar is a bomb map and nothing else. I fully expect it to be on the list as Slayer and CTF only.
  2. There are two parts of me at war internally: Oh hey you can make some really cool shit in Halo Forge mode now Just learn Unreal Engine instead
  3. Some videos of the new Forge mode that is not coming with launch. If you thought Halo 5's was strong... Holy shit, they're being ambitious with this. It looks like you may literally be able to make your own campaign levels...
  4. Pitchforks a few inches lower guys this was custom settings to enable him to do that
  5. One kill per clip starting weapons definitely feels like a decision made to enable a BR mode to succeed.
  6. I respect the work he puts out, and his drive to keep going on Halo even well after interest in H5 waned completely and we were in another deadzone like during H4's lifespan. However, a lot of his content feels disingenuous because of the lengths he'll go to in order to give something positive spin specifically for something because it has Halo in the title.
  7. Still think it should have a Shotgun discharge method so you could go for instasupers at point blank, while retaining its power as a flanker's auto weapon of choice.
  8. If there's not a BR at launch, there will be once Forge drops.
  9. Two reactions: We Gears now bois You telling me they put a whole ass revive ally mechanic in the game and there's not gonna be a BR mode? I'm not buying it.
  10. Reducing the number of buttons at the cost of your combat ability is cheeks though
  11. Almost all of those were reachable by Spring Jumps as well, though, which was a trick jump bug that's existed since Reach so people have had ample time to learn and abuse...
  12. It's always interesting to me seeing the discrepancy between people wanting a game with a high skill gap and being upset when movement requires mechanical skill as well. That isn't to say I disagree with your assertions (on the contrary, Complexity and Depth are not synonymous, and Depth can be obtained with simple, straightforward inputs -- Divekick is a masterclass at demonstrating this since the ENTIRE GAME is played with only two buttons) Even if it were THPS -- the basic movement in that game is simple enough, even if the tricks require additional input -- and ironically, the shooter with the deepest movement in FPS history was one where moving along the ground was referred to as skating (Tribes). And again, even in that game, the mechanics of moving faster/better were simple (downjet while going downhill, tap jetpack while in air to adjust to land on new hills fluidly) but the depth was in choosing your routes well and ensuring you hit hills perfectly -- then knew when you could afford to rocket jump for more speed. The idea of a QWOP FPS has murdered me. I don't necessarily disagree with Shillway either, though, in that Halo's movement skillgap is very pronounced -- there's a reason Shotzzy rocketed up to the top of the H5 standings and, while his shot, awareness, etc are all part of it, his mastery of the game's movement was unmatched and he was able to take advantage of way more routes than not just average players but also average pros. Little things like what he's labeled the curb slide, as well as Reach-through-H5's Spring jumping are great because there's not a lot of mechanical depth to them, it's just a matter of knowing the ability to do so exists and using it in order to give yourself an edge over other players. A lot of the points he's making come across as disingenuous, though, because he's praising Halo's movement and then using both Halo 3 and Halo 5 in the same example in order to shit on Titanfall? Halo 3's movement is slow, floaty, and a lot of the 'tricks' to its movement only exist as a consequence of poor map geometry (and one of the best techniques in the game never really showed up at the professional level -- straight up ghost jumping where ACTUAL ghost ledges) and the only real movement skill gap is less about movement and more about prediction/Yomi (which is good competitively but not because any actual mechanical input involved is skillful)...and then Halo 5's movement is a massive set of different mechanical inputs that a player can learn to use to drastically improve their number of possible routes... Now if only we could reach a point where people can have these discussions without outright shitting on something else successful just because it's something different.
  13. Natural Selection 2's method wasn't awful -- one player just hops in the command console and controls the RTS portion.
  14. Isn't this just Natural Selection?
  15. Original PlanetSide had 200v200v200 18 years ago PlanetSide 2 had a battle with 1283 participants at its highest CCU... 128 is child's play.
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