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  1. There we go! Thank you for responding to me and telling me the truth without being a douche. I didn't know that the players were extremely happy about regionals - that's great to hear. Now that I've been filled in - I want MLG to easily be able to run Halo events
  2. No, I believe that we have assumed this. Like I said, they ran a Halo 5 event earlier this year.
  3. I don't get where all of the love for MLG is coming from on this forum... They ran an event earlier this year and the players had big problems with communications. As a spectator (online), the event was no better to watch than any of the others from my perspective. I'll admit that I'm salty about MLG and their abandoning Halo quite a few years ago, but it's not like they were kept from participating in Halo 5. I also remember reading on these forums a few months back that Open LANs are not sanctioned by HCS, so if MLG wanted to have an Open LAN they should be able to do so. Just my $.02
  4. My stomach hurts from laughing at the last one so hard!!! OMG - that is God's work you're doing!
  5. @@Towey, the videos you've been creating are awesome! If you don't have feels for EG and their struggles after watching the latest video, you in fact do not have a heart. I wanted RNG to win last night, but how can you not be a fan of EG? That's a group of great guys. ​ #nohomo
  6. Not to mention Halo 5 is super fun to play. I'm addicted to it with my friends and kids like I was to Halo 2. They can make tweaks to improve, but overall the game is pretty damn awesome!
  7. This is true. I felt the exact same way when FB dropped Walshy. He was my favorite player, but I also understood that he was not the same dominant player that he used be.
  8. I'm a big @@Ninja fan. I noticed watching scrims lately that when he get's critiqued by his teammates it tends to make him pissy. This is not all bad however, he goes all sissy la la bedwetter for about 30 seconds and then plays the game like an absolute monster. Somehow he just needs to figure out how to tap into that anger/whatever without having his ass chewed for dumb plays. He will get quiet (still communicates well) and just wreck with his team.
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