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  1. Beyond boys if you’re in the building hit me up... I dunno what anyone looks like
  2. There are a TON of people here. GMS, Denial, and Elevate are already here. This event is gonna be HYPE!
  3. Yep, it’s looking like I’m gonna be shelling out 45 myself...
  4. Just landed and will probably be at the airport for an hour or so... if anyone else is around now looking to share a cab, hmu
  5. I live in Austin but you bet I’ll be making the drive up to Dallas so expect to see me at both events!
  6. 343’s New Year’s Resolution: No sprint?? Anyways, Happy New Year fam
  7. So I bought the spectator pass for UGC and I got an email receipt but nothing for me to print out and bring to the event or anything. Is there just a check-in booth at the event where they can check that I bought a pass?
  8. Thanks, my hotel is next to the venue so I’ll stick with Uber then. Booked my tickets yesterday, looking forward to meeting you guys and enjoying some classic halo action!
  9. Recommend renting a car? Or does Uber usually work out to be good enough?
  10. Would flying in early Friday morning be a good plan?
  11. Hey guys, I'm considering attending my first ever event at STL. What is the event experience like for someone going alone who doesn't really know anyone at the event? Is it easy to meet people there/get a good group to hang out with both at and outside the event? What hotels do people usually stay at? And what time would you recommend I arrive/leave from STL? For reference, I will be flying in from Austin, TX, and I am 26. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Honestly, can't say I agree with this. I think Halo on PC would be awesome, but competitive Halo should always use controllers. m+kb will move us even further away from classic feel Halo.
  13. They had to because of the change to timed return (as opposed to proximity return). If they had changed it to timed return but only allowed scoring when the flag was at home, flag standoffs would have lasted the entire game as there would be no way to speed up the return (it would be extremely hard to prevent a team from getting a touch for 12 seconds at their own base). Not saying that the changes were good in general, but you couldn't implement the first change without the second one.
  14. You can be campy while staying out of the storm. Once people get good guns they’ll just stop challenging and viewing will get really boring.
  15. How will fortnite determine winners though? It can’t be purely last man standing, at least with current settings, as this would encourage people to camp. Pure number of kills would be anticlimactic if the winner was already decided before the game was over. I’m not sure what the best solution is here.
  16. Where do you get 60%? In a 5-game series, TS is game 2 and game 5. It can only make up 25-40% of a series. This percentage is slightly higher for a 7 game series, but still only maxes out at 43% of the games.
  17. I hope you guys are all watching twitch.tv/masoncobb ... some sick H2 going on here
  18. Really though, I can’t understand 343 sometimes. You hype up HWC so much, and can’t even give any sort of announcement there? Not even some sort of teaser? Talk about an easy way to get people to tune in...
  19. I think you guys might be a little salty here... Yes, halo 5 is not a great halo game, but no one was putting tox’s achievements into question when they won two worlds in the same game, plus ARs. And about not showing emotion, tox did exactly the same thing for their two wins. I know you guys are unhappy that your favorite team didn’t win, but there’s no need to put splyce down because of it.
  20. You know who was really on point this event though? Twitch chat. The spicy memes still gave me a laugh when things looked the bleakest...
  21. Lurker here... But I have to jump in. How is it even possible to reach this level of incompetence? If I would have written a script of how to fuck up this event as much as possible, even I would not have come up with this. And still, the producers try to defend this. Simms is a great guy, but I hate it when he says "things like this are out of our control". If it's out of your control, THEN WORK TO PUT IT IN YOUR CONTROL. As the producers, you are responsible for the event. Period. There are no excuses for this. I don't know what else to say, but it is maddening that Halo esports is getting fucked over by this kind of bullshit, especially at an event where we've seen some of the greatest levels of hype gameplay wise. Sorry for the rant. Back to lurking.
  22. Where can we see the current results for xgames? Tuning in a little late
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