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  1. You were awesome this weekend! And congrats for taking down Walshy
  2. I think game 1 decided this series. TOX is too methodical to lose construct king or pit flag. EDIT: I stand corrected
  3. Has anyone counted the number of choked or almost choked leads this weekend?
  4. If that game 1 was representative of the rest of today, we’re in for a treat.
  5. This is the most hilarious shit I’ve ever watched. And Walshy on point as always
  6. If you actually think that wasn’t fun to watch... I don’t even know what to tell you.
  7. It filled up as the day went on. There weren’t a lot of people there for the 2v2 but there were a lot more for the 4v4, especially the last 2 series.
  8. This format is kinda weird. There’s no advantage to losing in WBrd2 vs losing in WBrd1.
  9. Second ghost melee today. I’m telling you one of these is going to decide a game.
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