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  1. This is the most hilarious shit I’ve ever watched. And Walshy on point as always
  2. If you actually think that wasn’t fun to watch... I don’t even know what to tell you.
  3. It filled up as the day went on. There weren’t a lot of people there for the 2v2 but there were a lot more for the 4v4, especially the last 2 series.
  4. This format is kinda weird. There’s no advantage to losing in WBrd2 vs losing in WBrd1.
  5. Second ghost melee today. I’m telling you one of these is going to decide a game.
  6. Any other Beyond bros going to SXSW?
  7. While online in this game IS very frustrating, he was extra frustrated yesterday because his controller was malfunctioning (jump button was broken) as well
  8. I have one major issue with H2A besides the ones you mentioned... the sniper. It is WAY too easy to use (arguably even more so than H5). This not only makes great sniper plays less exciting (because anyone can make them), but also allows for a team to completely lock down an entire map like Sanc with almost no effective counter if they manage to get both snipers. The difficulty of the sniper is one of the absolute best features about H3, which significantly adds to its competitiveness and its spectator experience.
  9. Oh I’m sure it was announced and communicated well on stream. I’m just saying it wasn’t well communicated in the venue itself.
  10. As I mentioned before, REC’s problem was objective efficiency. It was obvious their shots and individual skill were on point, but you shouldn’t be outslaying your opponents by 10 kills and losing the game. I have no doubt they’ll practice and be out with a vengeance in Austin. I’ll be rooting for them all the way!
  11. You’re 100% right about this, and I should have mentioned it in my write-up. While the venue itself was great, the location was quite abysmal. WAY too far outside of any area anyone would want to actually spend time.
  12. I think I’ll make a little write-up here about my experience as a first-time attendee of a halo event. Note that I won’t be addressing any stream issues here as I didn’t really watch the stream at all PROS Atmosphere: The event as a whole was amazingly hype. You could feel the energy in the venue and how everyone was incredibly excited to play/watch some classic halo. The mainstage seating was crowded and LOUD and there were a ton of people at the side stations as well. 343 definitely needs to take note that THIS is what the people want to see in a Halo game. Venue: The venue was well-organized and the perfect size for an event like this. Not too small that it was super crowded, but not too big as to dilute the people out. The mainstage looked sick and it felt deserving of a classic halo event. I was able to easily move to watch whichever team I wanted close-up on the side stations as well. CE Setup: The CE setup was really cool, and made it very accessible for anyone to watch. The overlays were incredible and gave a lot of useful info for those (like me) who aren’t really familiar with CE strats. They kept all the boxes out for the whole event too for the CE folks to continue LANning and I know they all loved that. Minor gripe: It would have been nice if we could have seen both the teams POVs who were playing on mainstage. Player Approachability: I’m a big REC fan, and I was able to spend a ton of time being around and chatting with the squad, especially Lunchbox and Pistola. This is one thing which definitely surpassed my expectations, as I thought I would just get to take a quick photo and that would be it. Shoutout to all the guys on REC, again especially Lunch and Ola, they are are incredibly nice people. 4 Player POV: It was awesome to be able to see all POVs on mainstage, and they were well positioned above each team. This definitely added a lot to the spectator experience. Gameplay: The gameplay this weekend was amazing. Obviously I’m disappointed that REC only got 3rd, but it was clear they still had the skill and just need to work on teamwork and objective efficiency (they lost multiple objective games while outslaying their opponents). TOX played great and deserved the win. Super happy for APG but sad for Aries and Str8 Sick, guys who have grinded so hard for so many years and came so agonizingly close to their first event win. And Shele, online kid??? Way to shut your haters up in the best way. CONS: Feature Stations: The feature stations were oddly positioned, which hurt the spectator experience. It was hard to get a good view of the players comparedgto the side stations. It also was a big problem for the competitors (Towey had to stand on a chair behind a railing to even coach his team). That whole area should have been opened up a little. Registration: The registration was very inefficient, and people were waiting in line for a VERY long time. It feels like they didn’t expect so many people and so didn’t have enough check-in booths. Something which definitely should be improved upon. Audio Issues: There were audio issues even at the venue, with many competitors complaining about the quality of the mixamps and headsets. There was apparently a large amount of static in some of them, and many had to be switched out, which probably contributed significantly to stream downtime. VIP Area: I paid extra for the VIP area, and while the couches and general area was nice, it was poorly positioned to be able to watch matches on mainstage. It was far too much to the side, and I could not see any matches well from there. This area should be more centrally positioned. Food: The food in the venue was pretty abysmal. Just because it’s a video game event doesn’t mean that the only edible food there has to be overpriced pizza and hot dogs. Their selection of beers was also very poor. This might obviously be a venue issue rather than anything to do with UGC. CE Announcements: There were no announcements in the venue for the CE tournament, not even for the finals. I wasn’t even aware it was going on until halfway into the first game. They should have at least made an announcement to let interested people know. They also didn’t even give out the trophy then? But waited until the next day. All in all, I had a great time at my first event. Certainly things which can be worked on, but it definitely did not detract from my enjoyment of the event, even with my favorite team placing 3rd. As a guy living in Texas, I can’t wait for Austin and Dallas to come around. Special shoutout to the Beyond bros at the event, especially @Humpflung @Silos @Zavehi, and a big shoutout to @Hard Way for teaching me some CE strats . That’s all I got!
  13. I don’t think there’s a player who’s gone off like this in his first event like Shele since Snip3down. Way to prove everyone wrong.
  14. Right in front of the doors. Short skinny Indian dude in a big ass jacket
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