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  1. Can someone fill me in on who won today? Had to drive all day so couldn’t watch...
  2. After watching this H2C tourney today it's crazy to me how 343 refuses to have any official H2C tourneys. It's been so fun to watch (although they need to change the map selection rules so we don't see Middy CTF and Warlock CTF every single series).
  3. I hope we get some good teams for this I would love to watch some H2C. Unfortunately the prize pool is pretty low, so that might turn a lot of people off, especially those playing in the H2A tourneys too.
  4. TBH I think they should give up on Swiss, not because it’s a bad system (it’s not), but because 343 and its chosen TOs have clearly showed themselves to be too incompetent to run any but the most basic systems without screwing things up (and they usually screw it up even then).
  5. Wow this is really an unmitigated disaster. We’ve been running Halo tourneys for almost 20 years and we still can’t manage to get a decent bracket system together. Really feel for all the teams that missed out, I would be pissed as hell.
  6. So... Does anyone know what time we start tomorrow? And if there is an official broadcast?
  7. Agree, I think all the H2A gametypes are actually good, the problem is it just isn’t great entertainment to watch the same 3 maps over and over.
  8. Goofy, Gilkey, Aries, and Munoz are running games now so that's another potential team (I'm not sure if it's official or not, I just saw that Saiyan's team matched them).
  9. Just saw on Saiyan's stream he's teaming with the Nfinite crew (Ryanoob, King Nick, Rayne).
  10. These online tourneys could really be fun while we're all stuck inside. They really need to get a good broadcast together though, it will be really disappointing (but not unexpected) if they don't. And for the love of God, STREAM IT ON THE HALO TWITCH CHANNEL!!
  11. I imagine they’d go with Renegade if he was interested, based on the history with Eco and Stellur. Saiyan would be fun too but I don’t know if his personality really meshes well with that team... I’m actually surprised that Saiyan didn’t join Tripppey and Ola, it always seemed like they really enjoyed teaming. Cool to hear the update about Ryanoob.
  12. Based on streams today, looks like Mantra are all playing together and so are Lux. So looks like those two are staying together.
  13. Well we already know that Incognito is losing their spot then... Tripppey announced on stream today that he's teaming with Ola, Neptune, and Bound, so that's only 2/4 of Incognito. In all honesty, I have a difficult time imagining several of these teams staying together... Obviously Sentinels will, but other than that, probably Mantra if Spartan stays on? And maybe Unlimited minus Tripppey? Only other team I see maybe staying together is Lux, because Cratos/Danoxide/Suspector have a lot of history. I don't see Nfinite or Minotaurs sticking together, Incognito already aren't, and there's basically a 0% chance Falling will IMO.
  14. MS says they'll have a first-party reveal in July... https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/5/21247812/microsoft-xbox-series-x-boot-screen-halo-infinite-gameplay-events Welp time to wait another 2 months for any news...
  15. So I was playing H3 the other day and I started to wonder how equipment could have been if they had implemented it properly. I’m going to give my opinions on the equipment types in H3 and if, in my opinion, they could potentially belong in a competitive halo. Of course, this all assumes they are map pickups with properly tuned respawn times. I’m curious to hear you guys opinions as well. Auto turret: obviously does not belong in competitive Bubble shield: way too get-out-of-jail free, does not belong in competitive Cloaking: active camo already has this role Deployable cover: similar to but not as bad as bubble shield, probably does not belong in competitive, at least without major tuning. Flare: this may be a controversial opinion, but I think flare could be a useful tactical option in competitive games. It would have to be on a very slow respawn like a power weapon, but it would be interesting to see it for example on CTF maps where it is difficult to get flag captures. It may need to be “burned” on death though to avoid 3-4 of them floating around by the end of the game. Grav lift: definitely could be used in competitive, particularly objective. Could provide a good but not overpowered tactical advantage Power drain: I think power drains are too OP in any zone control gametype, but could belong as an area denial tool in slayer or maybe CTF gametypes. Might need some tweaking Invincibility: obviously does not belong in competitive Radar jammer: does not belong in competitive because radar does not belong in competitive Regenerator: falls in a similar bucket as deployable cover and is fairly get-out-of-jail free, so probably doesn’t belong as is. Maybe with some tweaking could be used in slayer gametypes Trip mine: I think the concept of setting up hidden traps is interesting, but hard to implement in a balanced manner. I’m not really sure about this one, it would definitely require some major revisions but I think there is a possibility.
  16. I haven't had any issues with coop campaign on Xbox either. Is one of you using the Xbox One X and the other using a regular Xbox One? I've heard that causes issues for some people, though not heard of this specific one.
  17. For me, what separates the Final Boss dynasty from the TOX dynasty even more so than the titles played is the winning percentage Final Boss had during their dynasty. The Ogres/Walshy went something like 30-6 during their dynasty, an absolutely ridiculous winning percentage. The TOX dynasty went a (comparably tame) 11-10 or so. While the number of events played wasn’t in TOX’s control, the winning percentage was. TOX is still undoubtedly the 2nd best halo team of all time and had an incredible dynastic run (which still has a chance to continue in Infinite).
  18. I don’t think people should be banned for “regular” trash talk, I think the mute and ignore functions are adequate for these people, who are certainly annoying but in my opinion not deserving of a ban. However, any racist/sexist/“edgy” shit deserves an immediate ban. An example of acceptable trash talk to me is the whole Ryanoob/Spartan thing. They would obviously shit talk each other and say the other one was bad but they never said anything inappropriate or offensive. That’s the kind of trash talk which I think can in some cases actually add value to the scene in spicing up storylines. Unfortunately, that’s not the type of trash talk you often hear online, instead you hear 14 year olds yelling slurs because they think it makes them cool.
  19. Come on folks, let's keep this thread alive while we're all stuck at home cause of the coronavirus
  20. I'm certainly not a big fan of E3, but it always gave Halo a ton of exposure and attention, which is something it sorely needs going into Infinite...
  21. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/03/e3-2020-has-been-canceled/ Wow, this isn't good news for Halo...
  22. I don't know if I agree with this. I mean it's obviously not the ideal scenario, but if we're able to get a TO, a prize pool, and top-tier teams to play, then why not have events? I still enjoyed watching this weekend, and the viewership, while definitely not high, has not really been decreasing either. Again it's far from an ideal scenario, but I guess I just don't see the downside in having some entertaining events while we wait for Infinite.
  23. Just saw a tweet from Elamite, Ace coached Elamite to his H3 national championship win, now Elamite coached Ace to an event win. That’s pretty awesome.
  24. Definitely agree. Was a fun and competitive event with a lot of good games. The screen tearing was an issue all event but apparently that was the game not the stream. The one big issue was the delay on Friday because of the lack of true LAN. I really hope 343 learns from this and we get true LAN for infinite (no online sign-in required). Fortunately that happened on Friday, we would be singing a very different tune if the grand finals had been delayed for 4 hours.
  25. Bubu won an H5 event with Splyce (I believe the team was bubu, shottzy, renegade, and shooter)
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