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  1. Oof lag out during GF. Not a good look 343 needs to get that kinda shit cleaned up.
  2. Which are the top teams that refuse to scrim with them? Optic worked out their issues and are scheduled for next week. SSG and Faze have both scrimmed them. So just eUnited and C9? C9 is kinda weird so I’m not that surprised. For the record though, I don’t agree with the mentality that if teams aren’t willing to scrim them for competitive reasons that it’s “scummy” or “cowardly”. Scrims are PRACTICE. If a team feels that a scrim will help their opponent more than themselves through giving away strats or just giving their opponent experience playing against them, there is no reason they should feel obligated to scrim that team. Like any other sport a team’s practice should make it more likely for them to win a championship, not the other way around.
  3. Snip3down, bubu dubu, Falcated, Bound. Top 4 team IMO (along with Optic, C9, Sen)
  4. The Envy skins were developed before the merger. After the merger they decided to go with the Optic Halo brand because of the history, but the skins for Optic won't be ready until next year. Once they're ready they'll be put in and the Envy skins will be discontinued.
  5. Lol I gave up on trying to understand the FaceIt ranking system a long time ago... it's a complete mystery to me
  6. Let me know if you (or anyone else) has plans to go... I have a ticket and would be down to chill with some TB folks there.
  7. It didn’t sound like this was regular in-game trash talk, more like personal shit outside of scrims/tourneys.
  8. Optic just had a team call with Sen, aPG talked to his chat after. He confirmed that they had not been scrimming Sen because there was beef between them (the rumor is that Frosty had been talking shit about Lucid but that’s speculation). He said they worked things out over the call though and will be scrimming Sen moving forward (likely next week for first scrim). Note that he did not commit to always be willing to scrim Sen (or anyone else), but said that if they don’t scrim them in the future it will be for competitive reasons not personal ones.
  9. 61K viewers. 50-49 G5 for bracket reset. Bracket reset G5. Ola Lunch and aPG adding another win to the chest, with Lucid and Trippy balling out. Snipedown coming back to Halo. Whatever issues there still may be, it’s hard to not feel happy right about now. Oh and speaking of Lunchbox… I find it very hard to believe that he didn’t have a MASSIVE influence on Optic balling out so hard in that GF. One of the most cerebral Halo players of all time no question, I’m sure he’s a phenomenal coach.
  10. That’s what is sounds like based on the replies to the tweet.
  11. He’s back!! Hard to find anyone else with such consistent passion for Halo for so many years. Super hype about this but now I’m gonna be torn between Optic with my boys Ola and Lunch and Snipe’s team
  12. 50-49 win for Optic in a game 5 for a bracket reset with 48K viewers.
  13. Never thought I could ever say I loved watching an oddball match. Glad to be surprised.
  14. OLA. Gotta give it to 343 the new ball mechanic where time doesn’t tick down when you’re holding it is a massive W
  15. Hard agree with this it’s hard even when playing there have been multiple times that I’ve run past a guy cause I thought he was on my team. Leave it to 343 to fuck up the most basic thing which didn’t need changing.
  16. C9 is just on another level right now. Optic and Sen are the obvious 2/3 but neither of them are anywhere close to C9. Still so early though so plenty of time to catch up.
  17. Strongholds change: you stop scoring once the other team starts capturing your zone; you have to reset the zone to continue scoring. I actually really like this change, I think it forces more movement by the team in control as opposed to just grenade spamming or long-range shots to keep people out of the zone.
  18. Why can't we get this level of production for HCS? All the intro/intermission videos are hype AF
  19. God if I ever hear Halo people trash Ninja again... The man literally just put up an extra $100k of his own money for an H2 classic tourney in 2021.
  20. Snipedown said he’ll be back if the game is good. From what we’ve heard he put a decent amount of effort into trying to line up a team so hopeful he’ll be back. One of my favorite players…
  21. The two other “contender-level” teams so far are C9 (Renegade, Eco, Stellur, Penguin) and Envy (Saiyan, Tripppey, Pistola, APG). I haven’t heard of any other definite teams formed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a few more months for things to settle. I could see KCP keeping their roster (Taulek, Druk, Soul Snipe, Manny) into Infinite as well but they’ve never really competed at a LAN or gotten sponsorships yet so hard to know.
  22. Ehh they literally always do it on the very last day possible, so I'm expecting Friday afternoon
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