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  1. I don’t think people should be banned for “regular” trash talk, I think the mute and ignore functions are adequate for these people, who are certainly annoying but in my opinion not deserving of a ban. However, any racist/sexist/“edgy” shit deserves an immediate ban.

    An example of acceptable trash talk to me is the whole Ryanoob/Spartan thing. They would obviously shit talk each other and say the other one was bad but they never said anything inappropriate or offensive. That’s the kind of trash talk which I think can in some cases actually add value to the scene in spicing up storylines.

    Unfortunately, that’s not the type of trash talk you often hear online, instead you hear 14 year olds yelling slurs because they think it makes them cool.

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  2. 15 hours ago, Zavehi said:

    There should be no Halo events until Infinite comes out. These nostalgia events have run their course. Reach isn't a good game, changing games every other event is not a strategy and nobody wants to actually invest in these events.

    I don't know if I agree with this. I mean it's obviously not the ideal scenario, but if we're able to get a TO, a prize pool, and top-tier teams to play, then why not have events? I still enjoyed watching this weekend, and the viewership, while definitely not high, has not really been decreasing either. Again it's far from an ideal scenario, but I guess I just don't see the downside in having some entertaining events while we wait for Infinite.

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  3. 22 minutes ago, Trespa5s said:

    Overall I thought it was a pretty solid event.  Obviously the stream quality needs to be looked into, but other than that I thought NBNS was alright to watch.  

    Definitely agree. Was a fun and competitive event with a lot of good games. The screen tearing was an issue all event but apparently that was the game not the stream. The one big issue was the delay on Friday because of the lack of true LAN. I really hope 343 learns from this and we get true LAN for infinite (no online sign-in required). Fortunately that happened on Friday, we would be singing a very different tune if the grand finals had been delayed for 4 hours.

  4. 8 hours ago, Craneteam said:

    the double round robin esl pro league was really fun. i just wish that the top 8  from each event made it to the pro league or some other point system that didnt screw over AM teams. but the weekly halo twice a week was insanely enjoyable

    Yeah despite the fact that H5 was not my favorite Halo game, this format was incredibly fun for the viewers and I would love to see it brought back. It was amazing to get 2 guaranteed days every week of top-level halo.

    But you're right that it is difficult to balance this and open events. If you make it so that you can only qualify for the finals through the pro league, it makes it so that non-pro teams don't have a chance. If you make it that there are still several spots available for qualification outside of the pro league, it dilutes the importance of pro league if the teams can just be guaranteed qualification through an open bracket anyways. If you try to put a large number of teams in pro league to try and avoid the issue, it dilutes the quality of play for the viewers when a top team faces a much poorer team (one of the best aspects of the 8-team pro league was that almost all matches were competitive).

    I'm not sure what the best solution here is.

  5. 11 minutes ago, Shekkles said:

    I would like to see "guaranteed loss" though. So if it's 1 flag CTF and they have 2 and 0 and there's on round left, it just doesn't play the round. There's no point going 2 - 1. Personal preference.

    For sure. Ever since H3 I've hated either being up or down 2-0 and having to play a meaningless round. Honestly that should be incredibly easy to implement, it's frustrating that they haven't bothered so far.

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  6. 23 hours ago, Trespa5s said:

    There's also a balancing act between letting the devs make the game that they want to make, and respecting an already established franchise.  A game being objectively good as a game, vs relatively good/bad as part of a series.  

    If H5 was a fresh IP, it absolutely wouldn't have gotten NEARLY the amount of hate that it did.  Think about it:  one of the major complaints of the campaign (not playing as Chief for most of it) wouldn't be an issue because we wouldn't have been expecting to play as Chief.  Sprint wouldn't have been a debate, and spartan abilities would have been argued against based on competitiveness instead of just screaming that it's change and "NO! I want classic, REAL Halo!"  Of course there are still gripes we'd have with the game (no game is perfect after all) but it wouldn't be blown out of proportion and declared the death of the franchise and calling for the developer's heads. 

    There's a counterpoint to this though. If H5 was a fresh IP, it wouldn't have sold nearly as well as it did, as it brought in no new innovative or interesting gameplay. The only reason it sold well is because of the fans of the franchise. It may not have gotten a lot of hate, but it would have gotten very little love either. People just wouldn't have cared.

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