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  1. Snipedown said he’ll be back if the game is good. From what we’ve heard he put a decent amount of effort into trying to line up a team so hopeful he’ll be back. One of my favorite players…
  2. The two other “contender-level” teams so far are C9 (Renegade, Eco, Stellur, Penguin) and Envy (Saiyan, Tripppey, Pistola, APG). I haven’t heard of any other definite teams formed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a few more months for things to settle. I could see KCP keeping their roster (Taulek, Druk, Soul Snipe, Manny) into Infinite as well but they’ve never really competed at a LAN or gotten sponsorships yet so hard to know.
  3. Ehh they literally always do it on the very last day possible, so I'm expecting Friday afternoon
  4. Congrats @Trespa5s! More than well deserved, keep up the good work!
  5. I’m scared of burn-in from the HUD from playing halo every day...
  6. Sentinels got 3-0d in the semis. Don’t think that’s ever happened before... bubu and saiyan went off though definitely a much deserved series win.
  7. we're supposed to get another infinite esports update this month... 2 more days left??
  8. Spartan and Ryanoob on the same team in the open tourney today!! Never thought I would see the day
  9. They were asked after the delay announcement if they were going to bring back flighting due to the delay and they said yes. However, I fully expect them to announce they can't do flighting again (for no good reason), and that's if the game doesn't get delayed again.
  10. Well we’re getting some tourneys for a couple months. Nothing to get real excited about, but it’s definitely better than nothing and I expect I’ll be tuning in to a decent number of them. Happy they made the switch to double elim as well. What’s the over/under on whether we’ll get a single piece of Infinite news before the last tourney (April 11)?
  11. Really happy for Snip3down, but a little sad as well... this news combined with the Infinite delay means Snip3down’s probably not coming back to Halo.
  12. TBH that was the best part of H5 competitive. It legit felt like watching sports to me, where I was looking forward to the matches and the rivalries every week. Didn’t hurt that the casting and production were great too. I still remember individual plays from Pro League, like when it looked like CLG was going to lose their first series ever but they stormed back in game 5, or when Ninja got that no scope sniper double kill to get EG the win... We absolutely need a league format for Infinite competitive; the old MLG times where we only got a few LAN events were great for the time but really don’t hold up today.
  13. Agree with this very strongly; H5 was a much more enjoyable experience to watch than it was to play (from a competitive standpoint I mean, from a casual standpoint H5 was a lot of fun to play as well with Warzone, great custom games, etc)
  14. God can you guys imagine what a great story it would have been to have a Flamesword-Neighbor rivalry going into infinite? Of course that would have been more realistic when the game was releasing in a couple of months, not so much when it’s probably a year away and I don’t think anyone will even be thinking about Halo besides us by then Edit: reminds me of the whole Spartan-RyaNoob beef. God that was such a spicy event, especially with Ryanoob getting the game 5 win then going on to beat Snipedown’s squad as well (even though I was rooting for them )
  15. @S0UL FLAME you’re famous https://www.ccn.com/halo-infinite-unreal-engine-development-hell/
  16. This is pretty interesting... https://www.vg247.com/2020/08/13/halo-infinite-split-into-different-parts/ Have to say I agree with the choice. However appealing it might sound to get *something* over *nothing*, it's just not the right move for keeping interest in the game. If people have already moved on when big features of the game come along (*ahem* H5 Forge), it's just going to make it way less likely people actually use them.
  17. Yeah, agree for sure. When you have some minor bug which causes some hilarious effect in-game which is quickly fixed, that's when you as a dev get to join in the memes. When everyone is shitting on the basic quality of your game, it's not a good look for you to treat it as a joke.
  18. Oh and I don't think anyone has posted it yet... but here's the first one:
  19. Not surprised after the well-deserved backlash the reveal got, however much they might have tried to get on board with the memes. Obviously disappointing, but if this means we get a well-polished game with high graphical fidelity, then it's the correct decision. Note how they only said 2021, not even which quarter, so that means we can pretty much expect the game Holiday 2021
  20. Look I know a lot of people are going to complain that we don't need any more H3... but I'm just happy that they're willing to put in the effort to tide us over to Infinite, and with a game which I enjoy watching no less. I stopped tuning in after the first couple of H2A cups, but I've been watching H3 streams pretty consistently on Twitch and I'm happy we'll get some measure of competitive tournaments over the next couple of months.
  21. I’ve watched Frosty’s stream a lot recently, and he has said that while he does prefer Halo, he has no intention of coming back to compete in Infinite unless the game gets close to COD-levels of interest and profitability. It just doesn’t make sense for him from a financial perspective.
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