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  1. It sucks about the misinformation, but I disagree that spot should be allowed. That spot was disallowed from the very early days for a reason. There were about 20 pros gathered around who aren’t on either team, and they were unanimous that that spot should not be allowed.
  2. Looks like they’re not streaming the losers semis I’ll keep you boys updated on REC-Denial EDIT: 1-0 Denial. Onslaught CTF REALLY not REC’s gametype this weekend. EDIT 2: 1-1 after 50-49 heretic TS. REC almost choked a 10 kill lead. EDIT 3: 2-1 REC after a 250-235 Cons Hill nailbiter. FINAL EDIT: REC wins 3-1 after 3-1 Pit CTF! Now they await the loser of WBF.
  3. Last series of the day is going on now. GMS vs Denial for top 6. Denial up 2-1 going into G4
  4. Jeez between this game and G1 against Falling REC must have choked 20 flags on this map.
  5. It’s a really stupid set up. Instead of a main stage there are 2 side stages
  6. Technical issues with Roy’s headset audio. It never ends... EDIT: seems like it’s fixed, should hopefully get going soon.
  7. REC was bumped up to 2nd in the group! I just talked with Eric, Jason, and Justin and they found out the rule was supposed to be map percentage in the games between the 3 tied teams only, not overall. So Falling was 5-3 (62.5%), REC was 4-5 (44.4%), and GMS was 3-4 (42.9%). So, REC starts in winners vs TOX, while GMS starts in losers.
  8. Lol the percentage is out of the number of games played, REC won 7/12 and GMS won 6/10.
  9. Still will start from losers, but would be a huge boost to their confidence which clearly isn’t in the best place right now.
  10. REC about to play Falling. If they 3-0 them group standings will end as REC-Falling-GMS. If any other result (REC loses or doesn’t sweep), group standings will end as Falling-GMS-REC EDIT: I made a mistake, 3-0 it’s REC-Falling-GMS, 3-1 it’s Falling-REC-GMS, anything else it’s Falling-GMS-REC
  11. I’m right behind them getting set up, already having technical difficulties with the setups EDIT: They’re unplugging and replacing all the monitors
  12. What was everyone’s take on the stream/production? The in-venue experience has been very subpar so far, which mostly stems from the fact that we’re sharing the hall with numerous other (very loud) stations, not to mention a fucking rave. Gameplay hasn’t been too exciting so far, but that’s to be expected for Friday. Things should pick up tomorrow. Speaking about tomorrow, I am very concerned about the schedule. We start at 11 with each group having to play 3 more games. These have to be played back-to-back-to-back as the fourth qualifying team in each group has to play all 3 matches. This means we can’t even start bracket play for the length of 3 series. There are also a comparatively large number of teams in bracket play (I believe 20? All the group participants plus 4 more teams from open). I think either we’re going to run late, or important matches won’t be streamed, or both. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised, but past experience has shown that trying to run this many matches in one day is usually problematic. Casting and analysis has been great, @Wonderboy analysis on point as always.
  13. Can you guys hear the fucking nightclub going on in the background on stream?
  14. I’m interested to see how their objective work is against top squads like tox, rec, and nfinite. Eco is the only one on that squad who has traditionally been an objective focused player so will be interesting to see if they run into any issues.
  15. As far as I know, Penguin was the odd one out in all the musical chairs the last couple of weeks. Zzurka and Tripppey got in with GMS in the end when Neighbor and Ace left. Edit: Just saw your edit glad he found a team in the end

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