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  1. I don't know if I agree with this. I mean it's obviously not the ideal scenario, but if we're able to get a TO, a prize pool, and top-tier teams to play, then why not have events? I still enjoyed watching this weekend, and the viewership, while definitely not high, has not really been decreasing either. Again it's far from an ideal scenario, but I guess I just don't see the downside in having some entertaining events while we wait for Infinite.
  2. Just saw a tweet from Elamite, Ace coached Elamite to his H3 national championship win, now Elamite coached Ace to an event win. That’s pretty awesome.
  3. Definitely agree. Was a fun and competitive event with a lot of good games. The screen tearing was an issue all event but apparently that was the game not the stream. The one big issue was the delay on Friday because of the lack of true LAN. I really hope 343 learns from this and we get true LAN for infinite (no online sign-in required). Fortunately that happened on Friday, we would be singing a very different tune if the grand finals had been delayed for 4 hours.
  4. Bubu won an H5 event with Splyce (I believe the team was bubu, shottzy, renegade, and shooter)
  5. Love how hyped up Elamite is. Been a big fan of his since the H3 days, always thought he was super underrated.
  6. Wow how wrong was I. Crazy for a team we’ve come to expect so much consistency from for them to not even pull out a single game on Championship Sunday. Hoping for a great series between Mantra and Unllimited.
  7. Unllimited have such talented players but don’t have the OBJ glue. They’ll probably win this game 5 but they have no chance against Sentinels.
  8. Well that was unexpected! Still expect Sentinels to be back for the GF as the other 2 teams haven’t shown the same caliber as Mantra. Sentinels gotta step up their game if they want a chance against Mantra though, Mantra won 2/4 of the games convincingly, and that Nexus hill choke was not a good look for Sentinels.
  9. Not a great event start... bad quality stream, no webcams, and complete blowouts? This probably wasn't the best match to feature first...
  10. Yeah despite the fact that H5 was not my favorite Halo game, this format was incredibly fun for the viewers and I would love to see it brought back. It was amazing to get 2 guaranteed days every week of top-level halo. But you're right that it is difficult to balance this and open events. If you make it so that you can only qualify for the finals through the pro league, it makes it so that non-pro teams don't have a chance. If you make it that there are still several spots available for qualification outside of the pro league, it dilutes the importance of pro league if the teams can just be guaranteed qualification through an open bracket anyways. If you try to put a large number of teams in pro league to try and avoid the issue, it dilutes the quality of play for the viewers when a top team faces a much poorer team (one of the best aspects of the 8-team pro league was that almost all matches were competitive). I'm not sure what the best solution here is.
  11. LOL that reminds me of the Cabal spheres in Destiny 2... so many nightmares of those things dropping on my head (back when I still played the game)
  12. For sure. Ever since H3 I've hated either being up or down 2-0 and having to play a meaningless round. Honestly that should be incredibly easy to implement, it's frustrating that they haven't bothered so far.

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