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  1. Strongholds change: you stop scoring once the other team starts capturing your zone; you have to reset the zone to continue scoring. I actually really like this change, I think it forces more movement by the team in control as opposed to just grenade spamming or long-range shots to keep people out of the zone.
  2. Why can't we get this level of production for HCS? All the intro/intermission videos are hype AF
  3. God if I ever hear Halo people trash Ninja again... The man literally just put up an extra $100k of his own money for an H2 classic tourney in 2021.
  4. Snipedown said he’ll be back if the game is good. From what we’ve heard he put a decent amount of effort into trying to line up a team so hopeful he’ll be back. One of my favorite players…
  5. The two other “contender-level” teams so far are C9 (Renegade, Eco, Stellur, Penguin) and Envy (Saiyan, Tripppey, Pistola, APG). I haven’t heard of any other definite teams formed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a few more months for things to settle. I could see KCP keeping their roster (Taulek, Druk, Soul Snipe, Manny) into Infinite as well but they’ve never really competed at a LAN or gotten sponsorships yet so hard to know.
  6. Ehh they literally always do it on the very last day possible, so I'm expecting Friday afternoon
  7. Congrats @Trespa5s! More than well deserved, keep up the good work!
  8. I’m scared of burn-in from the HUD from playing halo every day...
  9. Sentinels got 3-0d in the semis. Don’t think that’s ever happened before... bubu and saiyan went off though definitely a much deserved series win.
  10. we're supposed to get another infinite esports update this month... 2 more days left??
  11. Spartan and Ryanoob on the same team in the open tourney today!! Never thought I would see the day
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