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  1. Jeez did he just tease a post dropping in 2 months?? Come on...
  2. That’s awesome, and it makes me really sad I had to miss this event (had a wedding to attend in Chicago). Big props to UGC for putting on another great show for us, they really stick it out for Halo.
  3. Damn, this has gotta be one of the most unexpected wins in competitive halo for a LONG time. I don’t think anyone thought Lux would be the ones taking home the trophy. They’re some of the hardest grinders in the game though, so very much deserved.
  4. Jeez BO7 is ridiculous for H5 doubles. Should have been BO5. I can’t believe we just watched 7 games of that and now we get another BO7 bracket reset.
  5. Well, it wouldn’t be a Halo event without at least one fuck-up
  6. Damn, this tourney is off to a pretty good start. Just had a 5-4 heretic ctf match between Aspire and Fatal Ambition over on Charlie.
  7. Wish I could my friend I’ve been to the last couple but unfortunately I have a friend’s wedding which conflicts
  8. Roy's stream today was great. The competitive halo scene just isn't the same without the Brown twins.
  9. Not gonna lie, when I first saw this I read it as "better start beating the wife"
  10. I’ve been in depression since the announcement because the event is the same weekend as my friend’s wedding

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