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  1. A one sentence recap of yesterday: Roy, Lunchbox, Pistola, and Snipedown won a Halo 3 event in 2019. Let that sink in.
  2. Everyone on REC played amazing this weekend but gotta give a special shoutout to Snip3down. That was one of the most dominant individual performances I’ve ever seen at an event he was on fire the entire tournament.
  3. Yeah I gotta shout out the production and the casters/desk, they were phenomenal this weekend.
  4. It was weird seeing TOX choke so much this event. They’ve lost games in nailbiters and blowouts, but the one thing we’ve never seen them do is choke so many leads like that.
  5. I think game 1 decided this series. TOX is too methodical to lose construct king or pit flag. EDIT: I stand corrected
  6. Has anyone counted the number of choked or almost choked leads this weekend?
  7. If that game 1 was representative of the rest of today, we’re in for a treat.

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