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  1. Why should the whole team be banned for what one person (supposedly) did?
  2. Ah forgot about halo tracker. Know they aren't streaming it, twas looking for one just in case.
  3. That would make the radar too op I think. Would be better just to remove radar at that point.
  4. 1. Slightly agree. Could be reduced to maybe 3 in the clip. 2. The point is it's balanced in the sense both teams have access to them in the same spots. The saw would be a power weapon, so thats not a good example.
  5. I was never saying that Ogre 2 was being shady, Mikwen messed up
  6. Right, didn't say it was. I guess what I'm trying to say is they told 2gre no because they had Mikwen, Mikwen backs out because ??? so it was either 2gre and ola talking or 2gre approaching Mikwen or a combination of both and so on
  7. The only thing I can think of is they already have an org, but can't announce due to all the roster changes
  8. It was either Ninja or Spartan that said they told Ogre 2 no because they had Mikwen. Then Mikwen backed out. It wasn't a bunch of people trying to get it
  9. Eh...Assault had that many views because no other streamer was on...
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