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  1. If eLv don't win their matches tomorrow it's probably cause Heinz is grinding Rocket League right now /s
  2. When you play against Heinz in Rocket League... Don't worry I DM'd him after this.. It was all in good fun
  3. Most Call of Duty games made game chat mandatory for Search and Destroy, I wish they could do this for arena
  4. Since the other forums were no luck whatsoever, does anyone here want to play in the LCQ? We don't expect to win, but who knows. My GT: Hansquared Other two: Skaxy, James Fury
  5. We are looking for two players to play with us in the LCQ. My gamertag is Hansquared and my friend's gamertag is Skaxy. We don't expect to win the LCQ we just want to see how far we can get. Both of us play many of the top players in the LCQ though, so we are somewhat good. Below is a picture representing our highest CSR for the January season. Contact me on Twitter if you are interested. @hansquared_
  6. Yes. They should also make it so if time runs out and caps are 4 red - 3 blue, and blue has a pull, the game shouldn't end unless it's returned
  7. When does the new season start/old season end?
  8. At least someone is having fun laughing at others getting upset: http://oddshot.tv/shot/acetv-20160124185423876
  9. I actually just posted this exact thing in Ace's chat, lol. I was only 1750 at the time
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