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  1. The only mistake they’ll admit with h5 is the campaign. I’ve yet to see them admit the huge mistakes they did with the multiplayer. This just tells me that halo infinite multiplayer Will be another iteration of h5 multiplayer...
  2. And so is R6 siege. They have abnormal amount of blood when hitting someone with a headshot and killmarker when killing someone. I think 343 should adopt this but instead of blood they should have the shield glowing.
  3. I agree, I would still keep the hitmarkers for the shots though but ditch the hitmarkers for the nades.
  4. Yeah me 2, anyone who can provide me with settings so it becomes like OG sens 3 in halo 3?
  5. how do you guys think the rest of the year will look for halo regarding tourneys? I mean i have a hard time seeing infinite dropping this year. So what games do you think they Will play until halo infinite?
  6. https://m.windowscentral.com/franchise-director-frank-oconnor-extremely-happy-halo-infinite-multiplayer Should we be hyped or worried?
  7. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/hcs-2019-announcements i don’t know IF someone posted it before, but som really awesome News.
  8. That the game actually has some skill based movements that I never had seen or thought of before.
  9. Just watched Shyway stream some halo 5 team arena, and I have to say that I was surprised at the way he was moving around in the game. Not to defend halo 5 at any means but the game has some interesting meta regarding movement...
  10. I agree, but something has to be done in order to change the formula back to Classic halo. I don’t know it was just something that came to my mind. Because the competetive players are usually the ones that grind the game most. I just think that with sprint no matter how good gameplay or deep gameplay you have it Will brake the game. I don’t know man it’s just so frustrating seeing halo Decline like this. The game has the perfect formula and learning curve to be there on the top with games like rainbow, counter strike and fortnite.
  11. Probably, but it’s also them that contribute to the e- sports scene. IF there is no e sport scene which is arguebly the biggest stage for a game to grow and bring excitement, 343 would go under.
  12. I think that every pro and everyone who enjoy Classic halo with no sprint etc should do an announcement of refusal to buy infinite IF they decide to keep it as h5. The people that really have a voice are the pros or the people involved in the competetive community.
  13. I just want to put out my opinion out here and hopefully a 343 dev could see this. I started to first play halo when MCC came out, so unfortunately i didn’t experince the glory days of halo. However from that day i just got hooked. I can admit that until this day i think halo is the best competetive fps game i’ve ever touched, and i’ve played and follow many in the same genre like r6 siege and cs go just to name a few. So i wouldn’t classify myself as a hardcore halo fanboy or whatever you wanna call it. I just play the game because of the basic gameplay and mechanics it has and the competetive nature of the game and just strive to become a better halo player. I can say with my left hand up that sprint doesn’t belong in halo. IF 343 decides to go back to the Classic halo mechanics with infinite i don’t think, i KNOW that halo Will take back it’s crown as the leading console exklusive game. The h5 player count tells you that 343 just didn’t do the game any good.
  14. I've been lurking around this forum for a while and decided to make this account just to post my experience with halo 5. My first halo I ever played was MCC even though it was a disaster I need to say that halo is the best and most competetive fps I've ever played on console. The skill gap in this game ia what made me wanna thrive and get better. I could never get bored because there was always something to get better at. It's just so unfortunate that 343 want to take their own perspective and make this franchise the way they want. Because it's obviously not working. It feels like 343 are good at many things but master at nothing...
  15. So what happened yesterday? According the bracket str8 lost to no mask but but ended up playing allegiance?
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