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  1. Allegiance is not really playing that well right now against Liquid down 4-1 at the moment. They look out of sync and have gone down pretty big in a couple of games which makes it hard to mount a comeback. Also got steaked in plaza slayer badly.
  2. He had the flag cap past bottom middle and went back to help kill a player on camo while he had flag and him and victory x got splintered. ending the cap and possible W
  3. Naded and suspector absolutely went HAM at the end of the match, wow. Impressive work with the Camo from Naded also.
  4. Me too man, he's been grinding his ass off and it shows. He might be the best overall player in H5 with the amount of nerdy tricks and moves he has plus his shot is amazing.
  5. It's because others here view it as disrespectful and a lot Of people are lethal followers and he was talking shit about AE all night so they agree with lethal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but down votes are given here when you are not of the popular opinion.
  6. Exactly. Everyone hating on AE for following the rules is kind of sad. Good games to CLG they deserved to win and played amazing. It's crazy to think how well they mesh after just recently acquiring lethul. Great Tourney loads of good games, can't wait for X-Games!!
  7. You can't hate on any team for not choosing to replay, sure if they do that's awesome. But the rules are in place for a reason... 343 needs to rewrite some of the rules for future seasons tho for sure!
  8. Naded just went off towards the end of that last game, man.... He really is insane and his grinding is paying off. GG's to him and the squad.
  9. That naded nade was so OP, and the ground pound at the end... geez
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