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  1. What if view botting didnt occur? Has anyone done one of these things on Money Matches?
  2. As much as I love drama, is there a different thread about 2k results or just not talked about anymore?
  3. Hello Everyone!, Its been a minute! On a side note - I would love to see the World Champs come back as Faze or 100T, or if something really crazy happens, see them rocking Final Boss
  4. Did you not read my post....jesus. And back in the "day," it was only 35%. Is 'absurd' really what is it?
  5. I definitely thought about this in my comparison. I figured since you could only attend HaloWC after qualifying/being invited and being ranked Top 8/ Top 7 for 2017, that it can count in the figures.
  6. Hey Everyone, I wanted to take a second to chime in here and I am a little blown away from what I have been seeing and hearing. I am not fully stating my opinion here, but wanted to throw out some numbers, figures and comparisons to see if it adds to this conversation at all. Obviously there are many other issues that need to get addressed all across the board like scheduling, release of information etc., but that is not the purpose of this post. The top 8 teams are unhappy that the top 16 teams are being paid out at DreamHack ATL. Some important notes I want to add before diving into numbers. First of all, this is not 100% accurate, although i think it is fairly close. I am sure I missed some tournaments especially for the Amateur scene so these are rough figures. What I tried to do was total prize money and paid travel for the pro teams and compare it to money that they were not eligible to compete for via the amateur scene or placements outside of the top 8. I also threw a rough comparison of prize money breakdowns between when I competed and now. In regards to travel stipends instead of payouts. Each different one has benefits to the players at that level, but for these purposes, imagine it as same thing. All the money has got to come from somewhere lol. I MADE A GRAPH HERE but I am unable to post it. Basically it was comparison of when I competed to now and percentage of prize pools of what first place received. At DH ATL vs 2008 Dallas, it is a 30% to 35% comparison, a 5% difference of what first place received, however pro teams back then received $1600 in stipend vs the $3000 + full travel and food. Just an added note. Hopefully you can still get the picture. DreamHack Atlanta is also the culmination of an EU and NA Finals. Teams competed and earned money weekly as well as paid travel to the finals where 4 EU pro league teams are also competing. If you take this into consideration, potentially only 4 amateur teams will place in the top 16 and receive a payout. All of this information is readily available online or could be easily deducted from assumptions. Since teams receive travel, airfare for 4 players, the coach, and hotel taken care of, I am also being conservative on the estimates. I put a rough $3,000. These numbers also do not include invite only tournaments and benefits received by some pro teams such as overseas and PAX events as this would be very difficult to compare, just wanted to add it. This is the same for the Halo minor league and FFA tournaments. In my comparison, I threw an extra $3k onto the AM side just to be safe and not underestimate, but you should still get the picture. This also excludes any money players receive from organizations and other special promotions. Also keep in mind, many teams take a percentage of prize money from players. This is also not the topic I am trying to discuss though. I am not saying teams do not deserve or earn this money. I am not saying that Amateurs shouldn’t just “get better,” I am merely trying to create some perspective. Top 7/8 teams prize money - NA Regionals 2016 - $50,000 HWC 2016 - $2.5 m HWC Qualifiers 2016 - $5,000 UGC 2016 - $21,000 Orange County - 20,000 ME 2016 - $25,000 ME 2017 - $50,000 UMG Daytona 2017 - $69,000 HWC 2017 - $940,000 Pro League money summer 2016, - $76,000 fall 2016, - $76,000 summer 2017 - $50,000 Pro League finals Summer 2016 - $150,000 Fall 2016 - $150,000 Pro League Travel per teams, 3 seasons - conservative estimate 3k per team - 4 teams from Summer 2016, 4 teams from Fall 2016, 4 teams = 36k DH - 6x3 = $18000 HWC Travel for NA teams 2016/17 - $24,000 + $21,000 = $45000 DH ATL - $174000 Total: $4,455,000 Amateur HWC Online Qualifiers $5,000 Daytona 2017 - $6,000 DH ATL - $26,000 Online pro leagues - $10k BUFFER - $3000 Total = $50,000 Essentially over the last 2 years, money placed into the top 8 (or top 4 with eligibility only for top 8 teams to qualify for finals with previous pro leagues structure), you are looking at approx. $4,500,000 compared to about $50,000 for “Amateurs only,” and half of that number is coming from the first time Halo is at DreamHack, the first open Pro League Finals, and with EU Finals being added to it. There are 10 pro league teams competing at this event and I don’t think adding all of the additional prize pool to the first place team is the best decision. With this comparison, only about 0.01% of the prize money has been out of the Top 8’s reach. Maybe the payout should be changed, maybe it should be just top 12 or even top 8, maybe first place should get 50% of the purse. I am not arguing this at all, I am merely blown away that people are so upset that a few kids with hopes of going pro might get to attend an event and place in the money. I don’t think splitting $2000 between 4 players and a coach after the last 2 years of Pro heavy invite only tournaments deserves this kind of negativity in the community. One last comparison - DH ATL is fed into from the pro league. Top 6 teams received travel + coach travel to the event, receive catered meals, hotel, airfare, advanced bracket treatment and money from competing in Pro League, so over the course of the “season,” the Top 8 teams at DH are looking at a breakdown (assuming they are the same top 6 from pro league) are actually receiving an around $220,000 (this is actually probably higher) as opposed to the total AM scene money or 9-16 which is $26,000 from DH + online qualifiers etc or about $30,000. Also to add, every season of Pro League (3 months on average) has been equivalent to the TOTAL YEAR prize money from 2007-2012. Throw in HaloWC and it is light years ahead. BTW, Don't @me
  7. I believe I might, its actually really funny how many halo people I meet on league
  8. i mean I would much rather agree that, if I screw something up, I'll admit it. Ill still be around here on the forums and try to be more active. Sometimes I can only get on once or twice a week. I hope you can understand how upset I was with these issues because of the added stress it put on the players as well. I always cared when you acted crazy, all of this stuff is serious from the rules, to transparency to improving halo. I don't ever want to leave halo. Shit, I don't even want to be on bad terms with anyone, not even you. I've said what I wanted to say, I hope we move past this, and I hope that we don't need to be at each other throats. I was really bothered by what you did at first, and I don't want that to be where we stand. We should take anything else offline. I also admit I screwed up using the telestrator on one segment and I put 'eventy' on Heinz's profile.
  9. To me, it looks like you are just your own worst enemy. I did not work for ESL during last Worlds and that was handled by another party to begin with. The HaloWC rule book did not apply to HCS pro league, and a rule change like that doesn't happen overnight as there are a lot of parties involved. The first qualifiers(which esl did not handle) did not begin until Jan 10th, not sure what 'year' of rules in violating. You are pretty much admitting you were trying to start a fight, and again, took it immediately public. You speak of messaging like a human being, goes both ways bro lmao. I want to be active in here, I am a fan of esports just as much as the next person. You, however, post and harass people until you force them to block you, then act like it's a surprise when they do. It really looks like you just try and chase people away. Is it that crazy to think I want to get on the forums and enjoy them as much as everyone else???
  10. Hopefully this will all make sense, trying to reply in order of topics, however I am a forum novice. I want to believe you here, but even the biggest trolls in any community would agree, posting someone's DM is not apologetic and not saving someone. I believe we are talking about my brother's issue, but I had spoken with representation a few weeks before this happened publicly, and while it blew up quickly, MY MAIN goal was to PREVENT Ace from even knowing about it, it is 100% unfair for someone to be given that amount of added STRESS before they go and compete in one of the biggest tournaments of his life. This is what UPSET ME the most having a pro player background. In a mental game, I feel terrible for anyone that has to deal with someone right before an event whether its a gf, a death, school issue or like finals, or in aaron's case, being told he cannot compete. Just consider the additional amount of stress added to his teammates. This made me the most mad. I would never make fun of someone trying to get an education, and if anything props to you. I graduated in 2012 and spent another year getting my series 7, 66 and 63 securities licenses. I am actually unaware of who you are even referring to here as I did not see these posts but school isn't easy, so good for you. You keep talking about saving my 'ass' but I am not sure what you mean here. My ass wasn't in as much jeopardy as you thought I guess? And I had a good job before I came out to work on halo. I am 'jealous' you are doing a better job than me? I am pretty sure you have no idea what it is I do, but say what you want about the event, but the broadcast wasn't half bad, still had someone issues, but I thought it was pretty good. Obviously the main issues being brought up are the venue and visibility for spectators on site. I do not think all you do is bad, but I think as someone who frequently walks a fine line(I give you respect for that), you cross it too often(I do not respect that). I am not depressed, however I have been extremely stressed, I was expecting to catch heat for some things, things out of my control, but I have put in a lot of time and effort to make the best of a situation and put on a good broadcast. I also spent most of my free time out viewing tent just hanging out and trying to talk to fans and give out free stuff. I did this just to try and make them have a better experience at the event. I have been a fan, a coach, a player, a caster, and worked behind the scenes on planning and even broadcast. I have a pretty wide background. I have a thick skin, I have been harassed off and on for 12 years in the community and made it through. If anything, I LOVE arguing with people and wanted to do that with you. You wouldn't let me though, so now we find ourselves here.
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