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  1. Well, now you have. I hope you feel like I've expanded your horizons.
  2. Becuase I can't spin 900 degrees on a controller unless my character is jumping off of a skyscraper
  3. Hmmm, that could be true. What if I want to do a 900 ollie quickscope with the barrel, though? I think the mouse would be ideal for that.
  4. Yeah, back on topic. Do we think that keyboard and mouse or controller will give a bigger advantage for grapple throwing explosive barrels into people?
  5. By having somebody grapple hook an explosive barrel into him
  6. I remember a poll here where either the majority or close to the majority of pro players supported radar and I got into an argument with at least one about it
  7. Ever since a large amount of pro players supported radar and ar starts in H5 it has been hard for me to know what halo opinions are trolls or not
  8. What factor makes them less likely to hit?
  9. Um get known scrub try to get known like pro player toastomgi of team final boss
  10. Can somebody help me find a match? There was a game where Puckett said something like, "don't worry guys; reach is coming out soon" after some guy tanked a bunch of bullets. I think it was an Amplified game in 2010 with Triggers Down
  11. Lol, coming in and trying to act like you're smarter than everybody else while misspelling half of your words is not ebonics. Also, I'm still curious about how you're not a random.
  12. You're = you are You're trying to say "you're a fucking random", which still doesn't make sense as an insult because I've never seen you on a pro team.
  13. Not a particularly fun or skillful gun, however.

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