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  1. Is reach anniversary permanent now or will they rotate it out like grifball or fiesta?
  2. I don't really watch or care much about shroud but is getting dumped on by a pro in a game that you don't play supposed to be evidence that you're not an "fps god"?
  3. Doom 2016 multiplayer is also very good and seriously underrated. It has its problems but it's one of the better fps multiplayers on console.
  4. This seems like an exaggeration to me. I just looked up a 1v1 finals match from a tourney a few years ago and these players who obviously were some of the best in the world in a game that has been out for years were missing railgun shots on each other multiple times. Your point makes sense on a theoretical level where a player with perfect aim can always hit another player regardless of their positioning but that is not how a game happens in reality.
  5. Can somebody remind me how to make it so I can't see a person's posts?
  6. What's the problem with my shots going exactly where I aim them? Am I misunderstanding something with hitscan?
  7. Well, now you have. I hope you feel like I've expanded your horizons.
  8. Becuase I can't spin 900 degrees on a controller unless my character is jumping off of a skyscraper
  9. Hmmm, that could be true. What if I want to do a 900 ollie quickscope with the barrel, though? I think the mouse would be ideal for that.
  10. Yeah, back on topic. Do we think that keyboard and mouse or controller will give a bigger advantage for grapple throwing explosive barrels into people?
  11. By having somebody grapple hook an explosive barrel into him
  12. I remember a poll here where either the majority or close to the majority of pro players supported radar and I got into an argument with at least one about it
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