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  1. I just saw the speculation I don't know if it's confirmed.
  2. Onslaught again? Really? Another forge map that in this case is a remake of a forge map?
  3. CE: Anniversary is by far my favorite version of Reach to play (even above MLG). It would be nice if they could keep it in.
  4. How are maps weighted in the Reach Hardcore playlist? It seems like I get that boring Sanctuary remake 3 times more than any other map.
  5. What settings are pro players using with the new horizontal/vertical and acceleration options?
  6. Wait, are they really considering putting in Sanctuary again?
  7. Perhaps, but then I remember things like the invincible elite neck that I think is still in Halo 3 to this day and I wonder.
  8. Yeah, anybody who likes single player games and hasn't played the Witcher 3 should buy it with both of its expansions
  9. I don't get why we need other rifles on the map at all. I guess the mentality is to use "variety" like a shiny subject you dangle in front of a cat in order to distract from issues with the core gameplay.
  10. Well, the game population died for Halo 4 because it was rarely fun for casual or competitive players. It wasn't a matter of whether the base game was pretty good and just needed a couple of tweaks; the game itself was just bad for most people. We can have stuff like crowd-funded REQs and Warzone playlists and any sort of casual playlist you can name without interfering with the competitiveness of the competitive playlist. However, of the developers and community are insistent on watering down the competitive scene then I'm not sure what appeal it has to me.
  11. I'm not going to post an opinion on BR starts vs Pistol starts but I would like to address the argument of changing things to "bring in casuals". Even if stuff like AR starts earlier in the game brought in more casuals, are we so eager to support "competitive halo" that we are willing to make it less and less competitive to bring in more people? It kind of seems to defeat the point and it makes it seem like people just want a game with the name "Halo" to succeed more than they want the game to be competitive. I can obviously understand a pro player or someone who wants to go pro in Halo having this attitude because it supports their livelihood but I imagine that's not most of us.
  12. I haven't really followed the pro halo scene much in a while and I reinstalled halo 5 to try it again. Are the arena settings the same as tournament settings i.e. are pros still playing on settings with ARs?
  13. Does anyone know what the map distribution percentage in Team Slayer is supposed to be? I would estimate for the Halo 3 portion that I see Isolation, Assembly, Ghost Town, and Epitaph 5 times more than The Pit, Construct, Narrows, and Guardian.

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