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  1. They have only released 1 bulletin and that was the end of launch week correct? they also still post the bulletins here https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/bulletins with accompanying text assets
  2. Has there been any word on when the bulletins will return? Two weeks so far of missed bulletins and just curious if anyone has heard if/when they will return. I feel like now is the time they should be communicating with us rather than staying under the radar.
  3. To players with fast connection and have already downloaded the patch, any update, faster matchmaking times? Even teams? thanks
  4. Most terrifying plot twist, what if the H2A rumble pit playlist is the update... I wouldn't foresee it being beyond the realm of possibilities
  5. Console bundles paired with publisher demands most likely
  6. You are right, apologies, csr announced late January, released april. typing on mobile so didn't proof read it
  7. Game released, then Late November/Early December they 343 went very quiet during the bulletins, not talking about ranks, or adjusting settings, or really addressing the state of the game. Then we found out late december that ranks were arriving in late January and that they wouldn't be visible in game. The fear is that during Turkey Holiday there wont be much progress towards fixing MCC matchmaking
  8. Exactly, I'm quite fearful of this one repeating itself. Was crushing not hearing virtually anything during that period.
  9. Agreed, more communication and dialogue would be appreciated on this end. Their PR could help soften these "blows" but doubtful they can release updates without approval from the higher ups.
  10. It was a combination of the DDoS and their servers. The attacks concluded and they still had trouble getting players into realms. 2k+ ques to login, plus massive stability issues unrelated to the DDoS attacks. I'm not making excuses for 343
  11. Warlord of Draenor's launch also was very rocky with connectivity and availability issues in terms of the servers. Blizzard's response was 5 days of free subscription time. Curious to see how 343 handles the situation, an in game item would be appreciated, xbl subscription time would be nice too. I'm seeing folks asking for free dlc h2a maps which I doubt is possible.
  12. Random Question, how did the Walshy callout on Sanc get its name? I'm assuming because of a particular match with captn dave. thanks
  13. Hmm, this one sounds pretty fishy, then again so did that pre-H4 article long ago that outlined spartan abilities. Hoping this all turns out to be false.
  14. Normally I'm not a huge Slasher fan, but with this interview he seemed to ask some poignant questions such as the spec mode and the future of publisher support for competitive events. The vague nature of many of the answers though left me feeling identical to how I felt around the time the game launched, doesn't really seem like they have much new to announce towards competitive support. Still a nice read, thanks for the post BE
  15. Thanks and probably wont say adios to sc2 anytime soon but both games can coexist peacefully like unicorns on a rainbow!
  16. Whats good Beyond, took me awhile to register but finally got onto it. I'm a halo & sc2 player who was active over on THC (halocouncil) back in the day. The new Beyond site is very slick and nice. Im a University student, work a few jobs, and try to make halo vids in the spare time. Looking forward to making Beyond a regular stop during web surfage time, Cheers!
  17. Thanks, that is much appreciated
  18. Thanks man, stoked to see new forums with happy people

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