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  1. Eco ran games with GMS in place of Zurka. Not sure if it's official or not, but they broke the news to Zurka on stream.
  2. there's a few: anaheim pirates: str8 sick, mr soul snipe, commonly and druk incontrol gaming: galaxy, swish, vetra and neuronical nemsis esports: bullet, tapping buttons, king nick and rammy (i think rammy is going to play for trifecta though) they all have more pro points than lux, if that means anything to you.
  3. i was wondering the same. especially because there have been a few roster changes the past few days.
  4. HCS Finals Friday, November 16th: 4PM-10PM Saturday, November 17th: 12PM-7PM Sunday, November 18th: 12PM-8PM H3 2v2 Showdown Saturday, November 17th: 7PM-11PM Sunday, November 18th: 10AM-12PM All times in EST.
  5. goldenboy is currently casting the tournament at his twitch linked above.
  6. https://youtu.be/W64wDHmGuUE https://youtu.be/iQ7G0d7SdVc
  7. i just don't like how he (if what i said is the case) pretty much gave up on this HCS season. i'd rather see them try and win and worry about youtube content later. i guess you can say i'm a little biased too. i found out about optic from watching competitive halo, not youtube.
  8. i just watched hecz's video so i apologize if i'm late on everything, but here's what confused me/bothered me about it. what i got out of everything he said was that he knew he could've made a move to get a new/better team but he isn't sure about the future of halo. so instead of worrying about winning the HWC, he would rather get a team of players who are decent and popular and enjoy making youtube content because in his opinion that is what will save the scene and then eventually make a move to get the best team.
  9. is there any video of gary going crazy with the sniper rifle anywhere?
  10. Anyone care to give me a quick update on what's happened roster-wise? Too lazy to read the past 10+ pages.
  11. could that someone be hysteria? wasn't that assault's plan as of yesterday?
  12. Clete just said something interesting on his stream: "I'll talk about all this shit after we find our roster. Or I find our roster." Edit: Just caught up with everything that happened overnight.

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