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  1. This technically isn't new to Halo at all. H1 had Classic Elimination which is the same one life spiel but this just has less health/no shields, if you will. There were options to bring it to Breakout's gameplay level but if you think about... like AkaDemiK just stated, its SnD without the bomb objective.
  2. Completely with you, as I'm sure this and other forums/community members are too. I replied "urging 343 to put an official sprint poll on their forums and observe the results".
  3. My replies: (Sorry for edits. Trying to get the whole conversation in here.)
  4. Here is what Josh Holmes replies with for my link to a /r/Halo poll on Sprint: https://twitter.com/JoshingtonState/status/550914684052713472 This should go both ways correct?
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