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  1. Had a ton of fun in the ww2 Beta, cant wait to play it November. With destiny 2 coming out Wednesday and ww2 in November I see my days of playing h5 pretty much over sadly, unless H5 gets some massive updates, which seems very unlikely. Hopefully H6 can hype me back up for Halo. Also copped one of the Red 100Thieves hoodies from the restock yesterday Thanks Nade!
  2. So glad to see ALG is back! Connor seems like a great guy, we need to keep these type of people in the esports scene. Currently waiting on my ww2 beta to load, taking forever!
  3. Maybe i missed it but was tashi the only one tweeting about the london event passes? seems like another misuse of social media...
  4. Maybe you could do limited lives? Win by having every member of the other team dead or killing them all 3 times?
  5. HCS playlist is so much more fun now. Pistol fights are so much more skillful and I find myself way less frurtrated losing gunfights.
  6. (Sorry if this topic has already been brought up, im like 4 days behind in this thread trying to catch up.) Edit: Not sure how to get the video to post and not just the link, sorry lol I am so dumb. Was watching this gaming news video this morning, and at the 7:20 mark she discusses how For Honor players, upset with communication and gameplay issues with ubisoft, organized a blackout day on reddit and got a patch to address some issues. Found it interesting and thought i would share.
  7. Seeing this mlg event is awesome and heartbreaking. Oh where halo could be with a "few" different choices...
  8. This is all hypothetical because mlg isn't involved but why wouldn't they just run both mlg and twitch streams at the same time and let people choose which one they liked better? Seems simple to me.
  9. Super bouncing and getting out of maps was some of the most fun i have had with a game ever. So many chill lobbies in h2 with people running around outside turf or foundation and many others. I wish superbouncing was still around.
  10. Most of the games i played, and i played about 5-6 hours of skirmish last night, seemed mixed well. Me and my cousin would usually go positive, our teammates would go negative, and the mixture was usually the same on the other team. A few games we had a good squad that crushed the other side, and a few others we got crushed by what felt like a team of 4. it felt pretty random and "social" to me.
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