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  1. Have not had the chance to catch scrims the past week. How many 4ths has Optic ran with, and who are they?
  2. Anyway someone like APG makes his way to Optic? Has history with Maniac and Ace. Wish Stellur or Spartan would join.
  3. So either there is one more Big shake up going to happen. Or everyone is waiting to see what Cloud, Hysteria and Assault do. As soon as one of them make a choice everything will fall fast.
  4. LOL they drop Ninja, Stellur brings Victory X and Spartan comes back to Optic.......That would be a huge shocker
  5. Maniac actually had some chick from Cali fly out this weekend......
  6. Everyone acting like FS should be salty at Stellur and hate him. Flame said that he and Stellur were out eating sushi when spartan skyped Stellur asking him to join, Flame said Stellur showed him the messages right away and asked for advice on what he should do, flame told him it was a great opportunity for him to go to xgames there is no animosity between them and flame has been joking with him on stream all day
  7. No. B said that esportspedia has him on the roster. Esportspedia page also had FIS, Cloud, and Hysteria on optic roster at different points last night. They update it based on who is scrimming together.
  8. Would like to see the Optic team scrimming swap Maniac for Clete for a few games.
  9. So Cloud and Hysteria are both F/A?? Would like to see Optic pick them up Flame, Hysteria, Cloud......Then one of Maniac and Clete. would jump them up a could seeds.

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