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  1. Please tell me T2 will be casting the finals... Strongside - "Bravo, would you team with Huke?" no shit who wouldn't
  2. Crazy new squads forming with hopes to take down CLG and OpTic is...
  3. Do Halo casters ever watch COD events? The casting is actually enjoyable and not awkward
  4. I will be in disbelief if EG does nothing but just get a new 4th...
  5. Poor Maniac... Weren't players ranked 30 - 35 either subs, didn't play entire season, etc?
  6. Shout out to @@Towey, I think you killed it tonight. Great job.
  7. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I felt like there might be some tension between Towey and EG...
  8. This being Toweys first time casting, I think he is doing a great job and I am sure he will improve tremendously after watching the rebroadcast. Not going to lie though, the EG bias is too much
  9. The contrast between the green and red I think is probably just the only major thing, maybe the wins/losses could be a more "neutral" color and the same color, but the wins could be bolded??? Idk
  10. Thanks for taking the time to make these, but I have to be honest the color scheme is a little harsh on the eyes. I do not mean any disrespect at all, I love these "quick looks" just a lot of color and stuff going on. Thanks for putting these together though, I'm sure it took a decent amount of time keep it up though
  11. IE: Naded ineligible to compete for rest of the season OpTic APG
  12. I am a fan of Naded, but I feel like I have heard Naded say too many times, "getting back on that stream grind", and then disappears for a month.
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