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  1. The hardware doesn't really matter because almost all games are going to play/look the same on both. The only difference is exclusives and OS which is 100% personal choice.
  2. Oddshot? I walked away from the computer as soon as the game ended.
  3. Part of me wants all of the people polled to troll, and vote to keep Breakout in.
  4. I haven't seen this level of passive aggressive shade thrown since talking shit on Twitter about high school football.
  5. I don't play H5, What's the problem with Aiming?
  6. Edit: Dang-it someone beat me to posting, I'm new here whats the proper edicate in this situation?
  7. You would think after years of online tournaments for placing being a complete shit show, they would know better.
  8. Where did Assault go? Last night when I quit reading It was 1002 pages....
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