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  1. OGRE2 shut off his stream right away cause he had to tell Articc something Read his GF's latest tweet Renegade tweeted hes a F/A (wonder who he got dropped for last minute?)
  2. Shotzzy leaving 2gres Daycare for E6 Edit: All but confirmed
  3. WE GOT A OGRE1 SIGHTING IN OGRE2's STREAM!! EDIT: Hes in the call and there playing games (about to)
  4. OGRE2 was winning a 1v2 in H1 43-13 before a player (on the other team) quit out
  5. OGRE2 said he wanted to up royal2 million with ogre2 billion LOL
  6. i agree, but you could always look at it as the last time that he will have donned a jersey
  7. I hope OGRE2 continues to play and stream MM like he used to before H2A
  8. we should all change our profile pics to that ogre2 picture posted earlier
  9. anyone notice OGRE2 twitter bio changed from TEAM: "Insert org here" to BUSINESS: "his email address"
  10. @@OGRE2 buying a house (most likely), so congratulations to him, and no more shitty lag outs!!
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