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  1. The thing is some people are taking this as us moaning and bitching and saying we should just be happy we have an event, which don't get me wrong I'm psyched at worlds it is some of the best Halo I've seen played in terms of close games, but we have been turned into a meme which for myself and I'm pretty sure for the most of us is not acceptable 343/ESL need to wake up and realise the community spotted this a mile off and it needs to change. Yes the prize pools are fantastic and the production on the streams is great but the venue choice and having a good crowd turn up can finally place Halo back on the map where it should be.
  2. So basically, the eu roster mania was two teams, epsilon and infused just swapping two players, the buks for chalkie and tufoxy. That was nice and simple.
  3. Man, don't think I've ever been this syked for a montage to come out. Watching Sparty's gameplay from the start of qualifiers and with snipetality's editing skills I imagine it's gunna be sick.
  4. There is no need for you to apologise I'm pretty sure most people would get angry/upset at an article that is so far from the truth. Keep doing what you are doing, keep your head on straight and you'll go far we all know you're a great player @Spartan
  5. I've spent the last hour catching up on the forum and I have never laughed so hard for a solid hour before in my life. Thanks for the Dank memes and the great info keep up the great job guys.
  6. If he doesn't post one soon, I'll never learn how to frag like a pro.
  7. Spartan went off in this plaza slayer game for money 8's 20-4 this kid is ridiculous
  8. Nv answer back strongly on Eden strongholds CP stuggled to even get 10 points on the board. From what I saw off of Mikwens stream, Ola made some very clutch plays. Good to see him playing well again. The game ends 100-13 in favour of Nv
  9. Sadly this Nv team is getting hounded by CP on Plaza slayer it ended 50-36 Hamy and Cratos played extremely well.
  10. Just played a game with Cratos, Commonly, Huke and dubu anybody heard anything about this possibly being a team? Side note: we got steamrolled 100-0 overgrowth strongholds. FeelsBadMan
  11. And that charge on OS? I had this crazy feeling it was OS and boom OS plus 2 team mates. FeelsBadMan
  12. that regret game was so damn close man that was one hell of a game. A few questionable plays by Ninja but overall both teams are showing promise
  13. RNG currently going strong on game five pulling away at 23-17

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